The Only Smart Automatic Air Freshener Dispenser With A Motion Detector.

Stop your next visitor getting a nose full of yuck!

Part Of The Bathroom That Won Australia's Best Facility Washroom.

Great facilities still smell sometimes. Here's the answer.

Bad smells can be offensive. XO2's air fresh dispenser stops embarrassing smells visitors hate.

+ 8 uplifting and calming aromatherapy fragrances

+ Motion detector, light sensor and periodic scenting

+ Refills last up to 170 days (a long time!)

+ 1 year warranty. Low cost of ownership.

+ Available in white or steel decor

+ Used in Australia's Best Facility Washroom


No more embarrassing smells. No more wastage or overuse.
No more poor guest experiences.
No more running out of air fresh.
No more buying dispensers every couple of years.

Stop odours. Create mood and feeling.

Get the power of fragrance working in your facility.


How XO2 Stops Odours The Others Can't.

You can stop odours and impress your visitors while reducing costs.

Smart motion detector

Activating the motion detector is optional. This allows a washroom to remain freshly scented during periods of high traffic and it also holds off dispensing fragrance until people are out of range of the spray. It’s smart because this technology ensures that the next person to enter the space walks into a pleasant environment as the motion sensor detects people as they come and leave the area.

Light detector saves product

The dispenser is equipped with a light sensor that is easily turned on or off. You decide whether the dispenser sprays freshness 24 hours a day, or automatically goes into standby mode when it’s dark. So if you only want to freshen your facility only during open times you have that option which extends battery life, reduces usage and cuts costs.

Custom programmable periodic scenting

You set the fragrance level you want for your spaces. The continuously adjustable spray interval is easily adjusted between 5 and 60 minute intervals.

Attractive design. High impact housing.

The ABS plastic housing is resistant to knocks and scratches. The dispenser surface is easy to clean. It blends into all decors and matches all the other XO2 dispensers.

Make visitors smile

Touch free dispensers give users the ultimate hygiene experience. Every dollar you invest into a visitor-loving experience will pay you back with interest, loyalty and a smile. Staff will see you care, visitors will say nice things about you and people are more likely to come back.

Ozone and eco-friendly (no CFCs)

XO2’s freshAIR refills have been awarded the EU Eco-label, thanks to the conscious selection of raw materials and product packaging. The refills are aerosol free and filled to the top with luxury fragrance.

1 Year Warranty With Lowest Cost Of Ownership.

Low cost of ownership and no hassles. The only things not covered by our warranty is theft, vandalism and abuse.

How often are you replacing your dispensers? Replacing dispensers every 1-3 years is expensive and time consuming.


Transform Your Indoor Spaces.

Not just for the washroom.

Create a positive environment by making people feel better about where they are with calming, invigorating and romantic scents.

• Public washrooms

• Hotels and foyers

• Rubbish rooms

• Hospitals, nursing homes and aged care centres

• Offices, boardrooms and training facilities

• Schools and childcare centres

• Restaurants and cafes

• Spa and wellness facilities

• Gym and fitness clubs

• Retail outlets and shopping centres


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You spoke, we listened.

The most user friendly dispenser.

Open the dispenser with one hand.

The system key lets you open the dispenser with one hand, both sides. That makes servicing simple and saves time! The dispenser lid opens automatically and gently upwards.

No resetting required

With automatic bottle recognition, this dispenser knows when the refill is replaced and resets automatically. A new refill lasts for 2750 operations.

LED signal tells you the status

The LED signal displays the operating status. Green means fully functioning. Green and red means either the battery or the soap is running low. There is an additional LED inside the dispenser that tells you when it’s time to replace batteries.

Lots of special features.

Designed to make life easier.

Fast, easy and ready to install.

Dispensers come with an easy to follow installation guide.

No stealing, tampering or funny business.

Your refills are protected against theft and tampering by the tough and lockable ABS cover.

Automatic standby mode.

Standby mode is automatically activated when the dispenser is open so that the person checking the dispenser or replacing the refill will not be sprayed.

What about the batteries?

XO2’s special D type high energy batteries (2 required) last for 12-24 months or up to 30,000 uses. Changing the battery takes just seconds thanks to the easy-access and removable battery compartment.

Master The Psychology Of Scent

What moods and experiences can you create with fragrance?

Calming Scents

This includes scents that create relaxing, calm, peaceful and happy environments. Choose from one of the following for a calming scent...

airFRESH whiteMUSK

A warm, elegant and calming fragrance inspired to underline the exclusivity of your space. Enjoy an atmosphere filled with the calming embrace of this wonderfully relaxing, luxurious and romantic fragrance. Relax, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and tension, calm the nervous system, rest a tired brain, promote sleep and give heartfelt feelings of peace and well-being.


This scent conveys the feeling of order and cleanliness like no other. Be delicately touched by the loving characteristics of this unique and exclusive flowery bouquet. It's has been carefully designed to relax and de-stress you, helping you to forget problems, reduce stress and say goodbye to anxiety and tension, while giving you a feeling of peace, strength and patience.

airFRESH Red

The calming fragrance of Autumn. Revisit the happiest times in your life with a magnificent scent that subtly lingers and lasts. You can't help but smile as this fragrance fills the room with deep joy and peacefulness bringing back pleasant memories you may have forgotten.

airFRESH Green

The flowery fragrance of Spring. Leave the rat race behind with luxurious, sweet and intoxicating warmth. Experience peace, tranquillity and a sense of harmony within yourself and with the environment around you with some rejuvenating floral love that will uplift your spirit and nourish your soul.

Energising Scents

This includes scents that invigorate, motivate, enthuse and uplift. Choose from one of the following for an energising scent...

airFRESH Spice

A herb garden feel good fragrance. Revitalise and recharge your senses with an energy boost that will motivate and inspire you to great things. Enjoy focus and concentration for good decision making while replacing tiredness and confusion with excitement and positive action.


A fragrance inspired by the zen garden for clarity, focus and sharpness of the mind that invites you to linger. The blend fills the space with a beautiful blend of Himalayan cedar, a floral hint of rose and a fruity note of bergamot.

airFRESH Yellow

The fruity fragrance of Summer with notes of lavender. Feel the fresh, crisp enthusiasm this exciting and delightful fragrance can bring to your small or large spaces. Experience an uplifting environment where motivation and activity can thrive with genuine happiness and efficiency.

airFRESH Blue

The refreshing fragrance of Winter. Be invigorated and motivated to enjoy the moment with clarity and clearness of mind. This fragrance inspires you to enjoy the fresh, brilliant beauty and brightness of every new day. Leave yesterday behind and embrace now with joy, energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

Choose Your Decor And Refills

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns
White Auto Air Fresh Dispenser

Code: CH322202
Width: 135mm
Height: 217mm
Depth: 89mm
Decor: White
Batteries: 2 x D-Type

Recommended installation height from the floor to the bottom of the dispenser: 2000mm


Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Steel Auto Air Fresh Dispenser

Code: CH322212
Width: 135mm
Height: 217mm
Depth: 89mm
Decor: Steel
Batteries: 2 x D-Type

Recommended installation height from the floor to the bottom of the dispenser: 2000mm


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Wellness Air Fresh Refills

Code: CH321204
Carton of 8 Refills
290ml per refill

Each carton contains:
2 x Spice refills
2 x Leave refills
2 x Flower refills
2 x zenGARDEN refills


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Four Seasons Air Fresh Refills

Code: CH321204
Carton of 8 Refills
290ml per refill

Each carton contains:
2 x Red refills
2 x Green refills
2 x Yellow refills
2 x Blue refills


"XO2's fresh air system costs you less, provides your visitors with the best washroom experience and works tirelessly for at least 10 years."

Ready to buy? Got more questions? We're here to help.

An investment in smart dispenser technology can save you a fortune and give you far better results.

Here's a quick recap on what you get...

• Motion detector, light sensor and periodic scenting

• 8 uplifting and calming aromatherapy fragrances available

• Refills last up to 170 days (a long time!)

• Uses love touch free and it reduces sickness

• High energy batteries lasts approximately 12-24 months

• Free delivery is available to almost all of Australia

• 1 year dispenser warranty

If you'd like to see a cost comparison or if you have anything you'd like to discuss please get in touch.