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"Imagine having a specialist cleaning and hygiene advisor on your team that you don't have to pay a wage to. Someone who brings exceptional skill and know how to your in-house team and more profits to your facility. That's what XO2 does."

David Blamire, CEO at XO2

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Trusted Professional Cleaning Products & Chemicals For Facilities & Businesses

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Buildings & Facilities

• Offices and office buildings

• Convention centres and casinos

• Shopping centres and retail

• Amusement and theme parks

• Cinemas

• Sporting facilities and fitness centres

• Churches and religious organisations


• Hotels, resorts and motels

• Caravan parks

• Restaurants

• Food manufacturing


• Schools and child care centres

• Universities and trade colleges


• Hospitals

• Aged care centres

• Medical centres


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XO2 Helps. Check Out The Cleaning Chemical & Hygiene Blogs Today.

Here's some examples to wet your appetite.

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How To Quickly Calculate Cleaning Chemical Dilution Rates And Ratios

Working out the dilution rate for cleaning chemical concentrates can be difficult at times. It’s important to get right so let’s talk about a quick and easy way to calculate quickly how much you need for any dilution rate.


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21 Cleaning Chemical Handling Guidelines For Your Workplace

Cleaning and hygiene is super important in every workplace. But before we can talk about that safety must come first. Keeping people safe is our highest priority. So let's talk about safety and cleaning chemicals.


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Do Chemical Free Cleaning Solutions Actually Exist? What Is A Chemical Anyway?

The short answer is, everything is a chemical. Even water is a chemical. So to claim a cleaning product is chemical free or to say the product doesn’t contain chemicals is simply a deceptive marketing message.


Get access to XO2's training and 'how to' info.

Take your cleaning to the next level.

Talk to us about what you need. Here's some examples of what's available...

+ How to dilute chemicals.

+ How to use a KISS Mix chemical dispenser.

+ Odour control selection guide.

+ The pH scale and cleaning chemicals.

+ How to clean with microfibre.

+ The principles of cleaning.

+ Chemical handling and hazardous substances.

+ and much more.


XO2 Cleaning Systems Are About More Than Just The Best Cleaning Chemicals.

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Chemical Dispensing Solutions For Safety

1. Portable Dispensing - There is a big trend going this way.

2. Fixed Dispensers - Plumbed in with higher servicing requirements.

3. Old School Dispensing Still Works - Drum taps, cap taps, manual hand pumps.

4. Pre-Moistened Cloths - Eliminates chemical dispensing all together!

5. Ready To Use Cleaning Chemicals - Pre-diluted and no mixing required.

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High Quality Bottles & Labels

Keeping people safe and training simple.

1. Australia's Best Bottle System - Colour, number and picture coded.

2. Bottle Dispensing Options - Spray triggers, foam triggers, squirt caps and more.

3. Bottle Labels - Fully compliant that don't come off or fade!

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Safety Data Sheets & Training Info Guides

Complete documentation for your compliance.

1. Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available for every chemical at XO2.

2. Training Information Guides (TIG) are available for every XO2 cleaning chemical.

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Wall Charts For Safety, Hygiene & Products

1. Chemical Wall Charts

2. Health & Safety Signage & Information

3. Hygiene Improvement Signage

4. Chemical Register & Info Folders

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The specialists in professional cleaning chemicals, products and hygiene.

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XO2 loves cleaning. Whether it's a problem you need to solve, a new system you are wanting to implement or you're just looking for a better way of doing things... XO2 has the solution.

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