Coffee, Tea, Milk & Sugar
Guest Experience

Coffee, Tea, Milk & Sugar For Guest Rooms

Do your in room amenities and refreshments show your guests how much you really care? We specialise in creating guest experiences that make people smile and remember you (and hopefully leave a 5 Star review on TripAdvisor too). Check out the product range today.

Madura English Breakfast Enveloped Tea Bags
$ 17.70
Nerada Premium Enveloped Tea Bags
$ 23.00
Madura Condiment Display & Wooden Tea Box
$ 35.75
Madura Earl Grey Enveloped Tea Bags
$ 17.70
Madura Premium Blend Enveloped Tea Bags
$ 17.70
Madura Green Tea Enveloped Tea Bags
$ 17.70
Bushells Premium Enveloped Tea Bags
$ 40.90
Wooden Stirrers
$ 10.94 - $ 103.98
Robert Timms Decaffeinated Coffee Sachets
$ 91.98
Bushells Coffee Sachets
$ 82.92