Current XO2® Hot Deals & Special Offers Catalogue Items

Check our latest issue of Hot Deals & Special Offers. It is a great way to see our awesome new product launches as well as hot deals and special offers on our most popular products. We put a lot of thought into presenting you with products that help you to clean better for less, and that make cleaning fun and enjoyable :)

25% OFF
XO2® Sense Foam Touch Free Hand Soap Starter Kit
From $ 198.00
XO2® Bobby Dazzler - All Purpose Super Cleaner
From $ 21.95
XO2® Fresh Air Automatic Air Freshener Starter Kit
From $ 172.00
XO2® 4ME Shower Cap In A Box
From $ 29.70
XO2® 4ME Sanitary Bag In A Box
From $ 22.00
XO2® 4ME Cosmetic Bag
$ 3.58
XO2® Rust Daddy - Bore, Iron Stain & Rust Remover
From $ 33.00
XO2® Scrubbit - 35cm Floor Cleaning Wizzard
$ 2475.00
XO2® Gee Wizz - Awesome Urinal Blocks Minus The Nasties
$ 115.50