Dispensers For Hand Soap, Hand Sanitiser & Body Wash

Impress guests. Better hygiene. Lower cost per user.

Welcome to Australia's leading range of wall mounted soap dispensers for hand soap, hand sanitiser and body wash. Choose from manual and touchless (automatic/touch-free) options ideal for your business or facility. Check out the soap dispensers with controlled usage capabilities that reduce wastage, usage and costs by up to 80%.

XO2's wall mounted hand soap dispensers will WOW you. Improve health and hygiene along with elegant and sleek design, all while reducing your costs. See soap dispensers that have technology you won't see anywhere else... controlled usage and anti-theft features, zero waste and touch free options, reserve tanks so you don't waste a drop and never run out, even dispensers that talk to your mobile phone and much more.

XO2® Luna 2.0 showerMAID Dispenser
From $ 22.00
XO2® Luna 2.0 showerMAID Blank Holder
From $ 8.80
XO2® "Shields Up!" Hand Sanitiser Refill
From $ 20.29