Facility Cleaning & Washroom Products That Reduce Costs.

Lower costs and superior user experiences.

Long hallway and high wall glass inside XO2's european cleaning technology partner's head office facility

Making good facilities great.

XO2 is the leading supply partner for cleaning and washroom products to businesses in Australia. We specialise in working with...

• Offices and office buildings

• Convention centres and casinos

• Shopping centres

• Amusement and theme parks

• Cinemas

• Sporting facilities and fitness centres

• Churches and religious organisations


Productive staff. Happy visitors.

XO2 helps make the places where people work, stay, learn and heal awesome!


Facility Spaces, Products and Solutions


Cleaning chemicals systems

Hand soap and hand hygiene

• Toilet paper and dispensers

• Paper hand towel and dispensers

• Odour control

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

Sanitary bin systems

Waste management

• Bins

• Garbage bags and liners

• Bin lifters

• Odour control

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

Kitchens and cafes

• Food safe cleaning chemical systems

• Customised warewashing systems

Hand soap and hand hygiene

• Gloves and disposables

• Food service supplies

• Safety and PPE supplies

Entrance foyers and reception areas

Entrance floor matting

• Surface sanitisers

• Non-slip products

Tile and hard floor care systems

Floor sealers and coatings

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

Gym and sporting facilities

Hand soap and body care

• Surface sanitisers

• Wooden floor care systems

• Dust mops and microfibre

Cleaning tools

Floor scrubbers

Floor polishers

Specialty floor care

• Floor sealers

• Marble polishing compounds

• Restoration cleaners

• Mould removers

• Non-slip treatments

• Anti-static treatments

Vacuum cleaners