Guest Experience
Guest Experience

Give Your Guests The Amenities, Supplies & Experience They Deserve

Want to impress your guests?

Then use our top range of guest amenities, detergent sachets, coffee, tea, sugar, milk, toilet paper, facial tissues & much more. We specialise in creating guest experiences that make people smile and remember you (and hopefully leave a 5 Star review on TripAdvisor or Airbnb too).

2ply Blossom Premium Toilet Paper Rolls - 250 Sheets per Roll
From $ 28.54
20% OFF
White Kitchen Tidy Bags
From $ 53.56
20% OFF
Black Kitchen Tidy Bags
From $ 53.56
20% OFF
White EPI Environmental Kitchen Tidy Bags
From $ 62.22
Contemporary Desk Bin - Small, Modern
From $ 103.18
Contemporary Swing Top Waste Bin
From $ 330.00
Hands Free Hygiene Bin
From $ 271.70
Platinum Janitors Trolley Cart
$ 467.50
10cm x 15cm Green Scourer Pad
From $ 105.60
Trust Grandmaid Cleaning Janitors Cart
$ 335.31