XO2® High Five Touch Free Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit

XO2® High Five Touch Free Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap Starter Kit

  • (BP047104)
  • 4 x 70m Rolls
  • (BP047102)
  • 1 x 70m Roll

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  • You had me at aloe.

    XO2® High Five foaming hand soap ticks all the boxes! The special blend of antibacterials (which includes aloe vera) are designed to assist you in stopping the spread of infection and germs in your facility. The Aloe Vera also leaves a fresh and clean scent, but more importantly it soothes, nourishes and hydrates your skin.

    This gentle cleanser is designed for dry and sensitive skin. The high volume and rich velvety foaming action means happy users and less soap usage. That saves you time and money!

    The formula has been developed in Australia to meet local conditions and because of its lightning fast rinsing qualities, it saves lots of water! It’s also eco-friendly, biodegradable and septic safe.

    Where to use.


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centres.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics, Homes.


    • Guest rooms, classrooms, offices, hallways.

    • Washrooms, toilets, bathrooms, baby change rooms, showers.

    • Foyers, receptions, gyms, showrooms.

    • Function centres, restaurants, kitchens, cafes, pubs, lunch rooms.

    XO2® high capacity, low usage dispensers.

    XO2® High Five is an integral part of the XO2® high capacity dispensing series. It is specially designed for very high traffic and very low serviced washrooms, kitchens and facilities where less servicing (and labour/refilling costs), less run outs and a lower cost per user is required. With controlled usage this system’s capacity is not just big.. it’s HUGE!

    How to change a refill pouch

    1. Open the dispenser using the correct key.

    2. Remove empty refill pouch including the reusable plastic pump below pouch nozzle.

    3. Remove and set aside pump. Discard empty pouch.

    4. Holding new refill pouch with nozzle facing upwards, insert pump into pouch nozzle. Ensure the pump pierces refill nozzle seal.

    5. Slide the newly assembled pouch and pump combo back into dispenser.

    6. Close dispenser door.

    7. Test operation of dispenser to ensure soap is flowing properly.

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