Odour Neutralisers
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Odour Neutralisers That Stop Bad Smells Fast

XO2's chemistry makes you say "Wow." Our range of high performance cleaning chemicals boost profit and productivity as well as being safe and easy to use. XO2 products are different. They are cleverly designed to reduce labour and maintenance which we know are the biggest costs in cleaning. They make you look good :)

XO2® Fresh Air Automatic Air Freshener Starter Kit
$ 172.00 - $ 222.00
XO2® Whoopin' - Full Release Odour Destroying Fogger
$ 22.90 - $ 247.33
XO2® Odour Kill - High Performance Odour Eliminator
$ 21.95 - $ 236.50
XO2® Stop The Stink - The Amazing Odour Destroyer
$ 54.95 - $ 148.33