XO2® Porcelain Pro - Porcelain Cleaner, Brightener & Transport Wax Remover

XO2® Porcelain Pro - Porcelain Cleaner, Brightener & Transport Wax Remover

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  • I’ll give your porcelain some hope.

    XO2® Porcelain Pro is specially designed to remove transport wax and protective surfaces from polished porcelain tiles. XO2® Porcelain Pro also contains its own high tech detergent cleaning system which is powerful on in-ground dirt, grime and soilage on existing tiles. XO2® Porcelain Pro leaves the tile surface clean, bright and shiny. It’s fast, safe and easy.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Porcelain Pro is designed to remove most transport waxes on all new polished porcelain tiles including vertically laid tiles. It’s also designed for existing surfaces that are looking a little tired, dull and dirty.

    How to use.

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    Porcelain deep clean

    1. Carry out a test patch first. Once the test patch is complete, inspect the tile closely for any imperfections from the manufacturer, transport or the tiling process before quoting or starting the job.

    2. Remove all dry dust, grit, sand, dirt, plaster, paint, grout etc from the surface. Remove any other foreign material that may cause scratching in the agitation process like blobs of grout, grout haze, paint, plaster, render etc.

    3. Apply water to the tile surface via a mop. Work in small sections (under 10m²) at a time.

    4. Apply to the area via a squirt dispensing bottle. Apply it onto tile from corner to corner.

    5. Agitate the floor using a porcelain pad and slow speed scrubbing machine passing over each part of the tile up to 5 times in very slow anti-clockwise circular patterns.

    6. Add more water or XO2® Porcelain Pro to ensure the slurry remains wet and thin (consistency of a milkshake).

    7. Remove the slurry with a powerful wet vac. Always use a quality defoamer in your tank.

    8. Rinse the surface thoroughly using a microfibre mop and XO2® Bobby Dazzler to remove all residue.

    9. Dry buff the floor with a woolly pad and slow speed scrubbing machine.

    10. Always seal polished porcelain (if it is not already) with XO2® Pro Seal Ultra or similar product.

    Handy hint.

    The XO2® Porcelain Pro system is recommended for use by hard surface professionals. We recommend in all cases that a test patch is carried out before starting any project or job to ensure the suitability of the system for the surface and to ensure the customer's expectations can be met with regard to look, maintainability, slip coefficient, practicality, budget and any other issues that may be present. Ensure you protect all surrounding metal surfaces, furniture, carpets, painted surfaces and other surfaces when working.

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