Stealth. The Aussie Made Super Light Backpack Vacuum Cleaner.

More power. Faster cleaning. Less effort.

backpack vacuum cleaner

Stop vacs stealing your time and hurting your back.

Vacuum fast and effortlessly...       100m2 in 8.2 minutes! 

Finish early... it's how 1000's of professionals do it everyday.

+ Super lightweight (4.06kg)
+ Huge suction power (42 litres per second)
+ Clean fast (100m2 in 8.2 minutes)
+ 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
+ Designed for large facilities (brilliant at home too)
+ Limited availability (only 100 made per month)


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No more embarrassing floors.
No more twisting, hunching or turning.
No more heavy machines to lift.
No more long and tiring vac sessions.
No more frustrating breakdowns.

Loved and recommended

Feel fantastic during and after use

Hospital quality filtration
Made in Australia. You beauty!
Save time. Less emptying. Less effort
Fast vacuuming and spotless floors
Super Fast

Vacuum 100m2 of carpet or hard floor in 8.2 minutes.

Light As A Feather

Well... almost. The Stealth weighs only 4.06kg's!

Effortless Power

Huge suction power of 42 litres per second measured at the end of the wand.

Made in Australia by smiling people.

No sweat shops or child labour is used to make this vac. Made by qualified technical people.


What Surface Does The Stealth Backpack Vac Work Best On?

The multi-surface backpack vacuum designed for carpet, upholstery and hard floor use.

backpack vacuum cleaners
• Long Pile Carpet
• Short Pile Carpet
• Upholstery
• Vinyl
• Tiles
• Timber (Polished & Unpolished)
• Marble & Natural Stone (Polished & Unpolished)
• Porcelain
• Polished Concrete

The Stealth backpack vacuum cleaner excels in commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

Why is the XO2® Stealth Backpack Vac better than the rest?

More Power. More Comfort. Lighter Weight.

Boosts profits and gets better results.

You’ll boost your bottom line when your productivity goes up and your costs go down… (if cleaning is part of your business). An enormous number of professionals in the cleaning industry use the Stealth everyday. But why? Could it be that the Stealth earns them more money? We think so and so do they…. here’s why…

Faster cleaning

Faster cleaning means you get more each hour.

 Happy people

  Happy staff who are comfortable and pain free work      more productively.

Less accidents and injuries

Less accidents and workers compensation issues mean lower costs and less stress.

One machine for all types of people & places

You can use the machine everywhere from schools to                 hospitals and offices to homes with asthma sufferers.

Avoids expensive breakdowns and repairs.

You can rely on the Stealth to work when you need it too. Most Stealth backpack vacuum cleaner clients are experiencing savings on repair costs of up to a 85%!

Cleverly designed with 30% less parts

         There's 30% less parts in the brilliantly designed Stealth.            That means you get reliability, plus lower servicing and                repair costs.

Electricians rarely needed for repairs

For example, if you accidentally damaged your lead, you            won’t need an electrician to rewire it. The Stealth                       has an Instaswap lead system which plugs directly into               the machine… You can quickly swap to a new short                   or extension lead yourself anytime… Great thinking… Big           servicing savings… And that’s especially good for our                 clients in regional and remote areas of Australia.

Instaswap harness design

The instaswap harness design can be adjusted or replaced without any tools.

Instaswap cord design

The Instaswap cord design with cord restraint saves you on maintenance and repair costs.


Limited Production Of 100 Stealth's Each Month

100 Stealth machines are made each month… This might change in the future but right now our focus is on quality workmanship not quantity production.


Twist On Lid (No clips that break all the time!)

The innovative twist on lid means no latches or clips are needed. Thank goodness for that because latches and clips break regularly on other brands of backpack vacuum cleaners.


Instaswap Cord Design Saves On Repair Costs & Time

The piggy back cord that supplies power to the Stealth is not hard wired to the unit. It just plugs in. That means you don't need an electrician when cord damage occurs. Less downtime and less costs... that's smart.

The Stealth is not just lightweight, it's fast and powerful.

These average times are based on test results over a 100m² area.

Stealth Backpack Vac

8.2 minutes per 100m²

Commercial Pull Along Vac

24.5 minutes per 100m²

Commercial Upright Vac

26.5 minutes per 100m²

The Clever Stealth Vacuum Motor Has Massive Suction And Uses Less Energy.

Can you answers these questions correctly? Motor A or Motor B?

1. Which vac motor below is 1000 watt and which is 2200 watt?

2. Which is the commercial motor that can run all day and which is the domestic one that is designed to go for about 30 minutes?

3. Which vac motor below has a single suction fan and which has double suction fans?


Motor A


Motor B

Answer:  Yes, vacuum Motor A is the Stealth’s commercial duty 2 stage twin fan sucking extraordinaire and it uses less energy (only 1000 watt) too.


The Stealth vacuum motor is…

+ more energy efficient,

+ cheaper to run,

+ the suction is much better,

+ the big twin fans move much more air

+ and it is made to go all day non stop (not just for 30 minutes at a time.)

Are you shocked?
Less energy used and more suction power!

You might even feel a little angry you weren’t told this last time you bought a vac. Some brands actually play on this misunderstanding about wattage to sell more vacs… Some people say that’s a little deceitful and we tend to agree.

With the Stealth you can have the confidence you are using a professional machine that has proven itself time and time again for many years…. and you’re supporting an Aussie made product too.

Not yet convinced?

Here's some more great features to consider before making your choice.

Low Centre Weight Of Gravity

The Stealth backpack vac sits low on the back so weight is on the hips.

Air Exhausts Up And Away

Air exhausts up and away from the operator improving comfort, keeping you cooler and not blowing paper off desks.

Ergonomic Back Support

The Stealth's back support, shoulder and waist harness design provides greater operator comfort, reduces fatigue and encourages good upright posture.

2 Year Warranty

And we take your warranty a step further… here’s how… In the very unlikely event of you needing some assistance, our we are ready to help you.

turbohead backpack vacuum cleaners

Stealth Carpet/Rug Cleaning Turbohead (Value $54.95)


• This brushing tool makes your vacuuming even faster again.

• You can use it on carpets, tiles and other hard floors.

• There's no cords or electric motors, so it’s easy to take on or off the wand.

• It’s unbelievable on pet hair.

• Cleans deep into the pile.

• Popular for professionals to use before they steam clean carpets.

• It’s super lightweight and easy to use.

Many clients leave their Stealth Turbo Tool on permanently. And you heard right, the power of the Stealth is so intense that it’s strong enough to turn the brushing head brilliantly with just it’s suction… there’s no annoying electric cord required.

What's Included With Your New Stealth Backpack Vacuum Cleaner?

Order online today and your Stealth will include the premium XO2 accessory kit (valued at $200) and the bonus brushing turbohead tool & Bags (Value $109.00.)

stealth backpack vacuum cleaner

                                                                               1 x XO2® Stealth Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

 1 x 20 Metre Premium Power Cord

 1 x Piggy Back Instaswap Short Cord

 1 x Reusable Cloth Bag

 2 x Disposable Synthetic Dust Bag (1 fitted.)

 1 x Dust Bag Ring (holds disposable bag in                 place.)

 1 x Intake Filter

 1 x Operation Manual

 2 Year Warranty



 1 x Low Profile Floor Tool (Great for carpets and         hard floors)

 1 x Lightweight Aluminium 2-Piece Wand

 1 x Premium Hose Assembly (Includes premium         hose, connector and a comfy hand grip)

 1 x Dusting Brush

 1 x Crevice Tool

 1 x Upholstery Tool

 1 x On-board Tool Clip

brushing turbohead backpack vacuum cleaner stealth


        1 x Spinning Brush Turbohead Floor Tool



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