Washroom Products
Washroom Products

Washroom Supplies For Smart Businesses

What does your loo say about you? A smart washroom is smart for your business. 60-85% of your washroom supplies are wasted or stolen. We can help reduce product usage by up to 85% and give your guest a better experience.

XO2® septLIQUID SENSITIVE - Hand Sanitiser
From $ 159.50
XO2® Paper Roll Towel
From $ 65.89
XO2® Touch Foam Hand Soap Dispenser
$ 71.50
XO2® Dispenser System Key
$ 6.05
XO2® Happy Hands - Pink Coconut Hand Soap
From $ 63.85
XO2® foamSOAP - Foaming Hand Soap Refill
From $ 98.95
XO2® Luna 2.0 showerMAID Blank Holder
From $ 236.61