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Cleaning Chemicals & Washroom Products For Business... Done Better!

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Businesses and facility managers come to us looking for products and solutions that make business sense. That might mean reducing the number of products you use, changing a process, applying a bulk buy discount or any number of other things. 

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Not just products. A better way.

We understand you don’t just want more products, you want a better way.


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Cleaning Chemicals

XO2 makes cleaning chemicals that make people say "Wow". 

Boost profits and productivity with XO2's cleaning chemical range. Our products are designed to reduce labour and maintenance, the biggest cost in cleaning.


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Washroom Products

What does your loo say about you?

A smart washroom is smart business. 60-85% of your washroom supplies are wasted or stolen. We can help reduce product usage by up to 85% and give your guests a better experience.


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Cleaning Tools

The right janitorial cleaning tools & accessories make life easier.

There is some really cool stuff here you're going to love. Don't miss the microfibre cleaning products and window cleaning sections.

Cleaning Tools & SUPPLIES

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Safety & Gloves

The safety of people always comes first.

That's why our safety, glove, personal protection and workwear disposable range is an integral part of the XO2 product range.