By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire February 7th, 2019

3 Crucial Clean Up Steps That Need To Be Done After A Flood Disaster

This article is dedicated to all of our family, friends and fellow Aussies who have been affected by floods. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, as are our resources.

The most common questions we are getting contacted about during and post floods is around how to clean up the aftermath as well as how to decontaminate spaces and deal with the odours and mould.


For the health, safety and hygiene of ourselves and others we need to get serious about how we clean up after a flood event. Flood waters contain dangerous substances and the effects of floods bring deadly hazards along with them. Substances include things like sewerage, dead animal traces, virus’, bacteria and all sorts of other nasties. Contact with these bad boys can lead to short and long-term health problems. Deadly hazards include things like building and land structural hazards and electrical risks.

So from a clean-up perspective, make sure you are wearing the correct PPE (personal protective equipment) and make sure that the space you are working in is structurally and electrically safe.



Once you have removed all the big stuff and given the space a pre-wash (if possible) it’s time to clean. In flood applications we recommend our high performance foaming cleaner and sanitiser called Pro Foam. A great way to get this foaming cleaner onto walls, ceilings and everywhere else is via the foaming sprayer that dilutes the chemicals for you. Alternatively, you can brush it onto the surfaces. Leave the chemical on the surface for 5 - 10 minutes and then give it a good scrub before you rinse it off. Squeegee and/or vacuum the area to remove excess liquid. Repeat this process if necessary.



The Oradicator system is Australia’s leading cleaner after flood restoration treatment. Dilute the product with water and apply liberally to all washable surfaces via the smart sprayer or other suitable method. Leave the product on the surface, do not rinse. If you are still having issues with mould after the clean-up, treat the affected surfaces with I-Destroy.

Where you can, try to prepare yourself and your home or workplace to mitigate the risks of extensive damage but most importantly, take care! We are here to help you clean better so pretty please get in touch if you need a hand.

XO2® Pro Foam - High Powered Foaming Cleaner & Sanitiser
XO2® Pro Foam - High Powered Foaming Cleaner & Sanitiser
XO2® Oradicator - Odour & Decontamination Treatment Concentrate
XO2® Oradicator - Odour & Decontamination Treatment Concentrate
XO2® iDestroy - Mould Remover & Preventative Treatment
XO2® iDestroy - Mould Remover & Preventative Treatment