By : XO2® Pty Ltd, Chris Blamire April 3th, 2016

A Quick Look Back At Some XO2 Cleaning Products Company History

XO2 is fresh, new and shiny but you might not be aware that our beginnings date back to 1968. Here’s a quick look back at where we’ve come from.

In 1998, Total Supply Solutions was born in the Blamire family’s home garage, supplying cleaning and washroom products to businesses in south east Queensland and northern NSW. Founded by Gordon Blamire and his son Chris, it was humble beginnings. Remembering the early years, Chris said, “We had a very steep and long driveway, so when the trucks rolled in we not only had to hand unload but then trolley everything up the hill, it’s was tough, but lots of fond memories”.

No-one at that time anticipated the enormous growth that was to follow. Then in 2001, Hallam Shaws (founded in 1968) was purchased and merged with Total Supply Solutions. It was a struggling business around the corner from Total Supply Solution’s new building so it made sense to bring them together.

In 2001, Gordon’s other son David joined the business. David recalls, “The day I was born, when Dad was driving Mum to the hospital, he stopped to help a client with a large laundry. I guess I was born for this industry having done my first client visit before I was even born.”

As the business grew, buildings became too small so the business was moved several times to accommodate the growth. Some highlights of that growth included developing the company’s own chemical range, running yearly cleaning and floor care shows and developing a significant training division for the business.

Gordon has been ‘almost’ retired for many years now. Well deserved we think as he’s started in the cleaning and hygiene supply industry back in the 1980’s. Chris and David today share the Managing Director role for the business and their sister Fiona also works in the business. Gordon “I’m very proud of the boys, to have grown this business like they have and to have taken our systems nationally is just incredible. And it’s just the beginning.”

In 2014, Total Supply Solutions became XO2. The rebrand was undertaken to help the company communicate who they really were more effectively and to prepare the way for further national expansion in the years to come.

In 2015, XO2 moved into it’s current national headquarters and distribution centre located at 42 Junction Road in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.

Thanks to all of you who have supported us on our journey so far. The best is yet to come.

Have a great day.