By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire April 14th, 2019

Are All Microfibre Cloths And Mops The Same?

Microfibre cloths are one of our all-time favourite tools for just about any cleaning job. But just as cotton fabrics come in diverse qualities and varieties, so do microfibres.

There are so many different kinds of microfibre cloths, and some are better for specific cleaning jobs than others. To help you get the job done right the first time, have a read of our following guide explaining why microfibre works so well, how to distinguish different kinds of microfibre and what they’re best used for.


What type of cloth is microfibre?

Microfibre is made with polyester and polyamide. Polyester has excellent soil-removing qualities and polyamide (a nylon by-product) has great moisture-retaining qualities. Putting polyester and polyamide together has proven to have amazing results.

A microfibre is 1 denier or less. An easy way to explain a denier is a unit of measure for the linear mass density of fibres, and it is based on mass grams per 9000 meters. A denier is a comparison with a strand of silk. One silk strand equals one denier. If a filament weighs less than a gram per 9000 meters, it is a micro-denier.

The two materials in microfibre are bundled to form a microscopic strand, and it is in the shape of a star. The bundles are then split into ultra-fine single fibres with the use of steam, chemicals, and/or mechanical splitting. When woven together, the strands create a surface with millions of spaces in which dirt, debris, grease, and moisture can become trapped.

Microfibre attracts and holds onto soil and other contaminants. Typical cleaning cloths have no such vacuum-like qualities.


What kinds of microfibre cloths are there?

Microfibre is available in a variety of densities. A common blend of microfibre towels used, for instance, to clean cars is 80 percent polyester and 20 percent polyamide. The differences in microfibre cloths are related to the number of splits or pie segments per fibre.

There are also split and non-split microfibres. Non-split are ideal for use in the manufacture of furniture upholstery but not so much for cleaning. Split microfibres are very effective for use as cleaning cloths.

A good way to compare microfibre towels is by weight. A heavier cloth is superior in several ways. The thicker microfibre towels are more durable and will provide better results when used for cleaning or drying. The towels generally last much longer than other types of cloth because less force is needed when using them.

You can’t go wrong using microfibre cloth, but some are definitely of a higher quality than others. The finer the cloth, the more you’re going to love the cleaning results you get.


Why is microfibre better for cleaning?

As you can probably tell by the information listed above, we really (really) love microfibre cloths for cleaning. There are so many amazing advantages of using microfibre for all kinds of cleaning tasks, some of which include:

·       Super easy to use, meaning less effort for you as the cleaner

·       Using less effort allows us to put less strain on the body, minimising physical stress, fatigue and injury

·       With their superior cleaning capabilities, less chemicals are required when cleaning with microfibre

·       They allow you to significantly reduce the amount of dirt, dust and germs in indoor spaces, meaning a         healthier environment for people to work, rest and place

·       It’s highly absorbent and soaks up more residual water, allowing for a streak-free finish

·       Microfibre is highly durable, meaning it will last much longer than traditional cloths


If you’re keen to start using microfibre for your cleaning needs, or you’re looking to replenish your stocks with a super high-quality microfibre loved by professionals, check out our range of colour-coded cloths for all purposes here.

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