By : XO2® Pty Ltd, Matt Goodall February 7th, 2020

Get Rid of Bad Smells. For Good!

3 simple steps to stop smells for good.

1. Hunt it down
To stop the stink, you must first find it. Start sniffing. What stinks? Where is the stink coming from? Why does it stink?

2. Kill it
Clean and treat the source of the stink. Chemical selection and usage is the key. Using standard chemicals rarely works. Odour Kill is the answer. It’s been specially designed for the job and works on all types and strengths of stink. All you need to do is apply Odour Kill and it will do rest. When all else fails use a XO2® Whoopin. Shut the space down and let it rip!

3. Stay in control
To stop the stink, you must stay in control. This means having a cleaning routine that stays on top of stinky offenders.