By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire June 12th, 2017

Colour Coding for the Cleaning Industry

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Do you want to be eating at a restaurant table that was wiped with the same cloth as the toilet seat? Yuck! This and many other variations of the above story really happen. Using the same cleaning tools throughout different areas of a facility effectively spreads disease and bacteria. And that’s not great for the health of staff and visitors.

Colour coding your cleaning tools, equipment and chemicals creates a cleaner and safer environment. With colour coding it’s easier to be organised, train staff, reduce the risks of cross contamination and achieve higher levels of hygiene within a facility.

What are the benefits of colour coding your cleaning tools?

▪ Improve safety for staff, customers, guests, visitors and patients

▪ Reduce the risk of cross contamination and spreading of disease

▪ Widely accepted system makes staff training a breeze

▪ Meet and exceed workplace health and safety and accreditation requirements

Who is a colour coding program designed for?

▪ Hospitals, aged care and medical centres  

▪ Hotels, motels, resorts and tourist parks

▪ Clubs, casinos and theme parks

▪ Schools, universities and child care centres

▪ Restaurants, takeaway shops, food service and food manufacturing

▪ Commercial cleaners, offices and government

▪ Industry, automotive, manufacturing and mining

▪ and wherever facility hygiene is a priority.

What can you colour code in your cleaning and hygiene department?

Cleaning supplies - cloths, mops, brooms, handles, buckets, brushes, signs and more.

Cleaning chemicals – approved cleaning chemical systems, safety wall charts, heavy duty labelled spray bottles, spray triggers and dispensing systems.

Feel free to use our Colour Coding Guide to help train your team. It is a great chart to put up on your cleaner's room wall!

Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can do things better. Feel free to call our customer care team on 1300 123 499, if you require any help or advice on colour coding your cleaning department’s supplies.

Happy colour coding!