By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire May 2th, 2017

Here's How To Look After And Store Your Window Cleaning Equipment

We all know looking after your window cleaning equipment is a good idea. Well maintained equipment and tools last longer, work better and don’t break as often.

I hope these tips don’t make me sound like a nagging parent but here goes. 

If you maintain your window cleaning equipment well and replace the parts when needed, you can expect many years of great service from quality cleaning tools. When you care for your equipment, you will get better results faster. And you impress the one person that matters the most - your client.

Your professional window cleaning equipment will perform best when it is looked after and treated with some tender loving care.

Doing it the easy way

Here are some easy tips on maintaining and caring for your professional window cleaning equipment:

1. Window scraper maintenance and care

• Scraper cover should be kept on when the tool is not used.

• Change scraper blades every 1-2 days.

Handy Tip: “I’m not sure if my scraper blade needs replacing. How do I know if it is time?”

If you are not sure, change the blade. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and the cost of one replacement scraper blade is nothing compared to the embarrassment of permanently damaging a window.

2. Window washer maintenance and care

• Remove covers once a week and wash in soap and warm water.

• Only hang them to dry in a shaded place out of direct sunlight.

• Do not dry your window washers in the dryer.

• Don’t use fabric softener when laundering window washers.

• Check that the ends of the washer are in good condition.

• Change your replaceable washer sleeve regularly.

• Wash a new washer sleeve before the first use to remove any lint.

3. Window squeegee maintenance and care

• Store your window squeegee in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Light, heat and dry air can cause its rubber to deteriorate faster.

• Always store the squeegee with the rubber side facing up. If you let it rest on a surface, such as a shelf or bucket bottom, it is only a matter of time before the rubber is nicked or damaged.

• Clean and dry your squeegee after use.

• If you leave your squeegee in the bucket, ensure the rubber is not touching the container.

• Check to ensure the swivel mechanism on your handle is adjusted properly and in good working order.

• Check if your squeegee channels are perfectly straight.

• Turn your replacement squeegee rubber over after 3-4 hours of use (a window squeegee rubber has 2 sides), and completely replace the window squeegee rubber every 6-8 hours of continual use. Most professional window cleaners will use a new squeegee rubber every morning and turn the squeegee rubber over after lunch depending on the work load.

4. Extension pole maintenance and care

• Check that the joiners between the sections are not tightened too much as this wears them out.

• Ensure the pole grip and end adapter is in good condition.

5. Cloth and rag maintenance and care

• Have lots of clean dry cloths and/or rags ready at the start of each job

• Do not use fabric conditioner when cleaning microfiber cloths.

Do you have anymore tips or advice for keeping window cleaning equipment in tip top shape for longer? If you do, please get in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Happy window cleaning!