By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire April 26th, 2017

Here’s How To Clean With A Microfibre Hand Cloth And Use No Chemical

Microfibre is an excellent product for cleaning indoor surfaces. Microfibre cloths can also be extremely durable and cost effective when properly cared for. It’s not only the care that determines the effectiveness of microfibre, however. Understanding how to use a microfibre cleaning cloth is also important.

How to clean with a dry microfibre hand cloth

It’s often possible to replace the traditional ‘spray and wipe with chemicals’ way of cleaning with nothing more than an ultra microfibre hand cloth and achieve better results. Quality microfibre cloths are definitely good for more than just dry dusting but they are brilliant as a dusting tool. Microfibre carries a positive charge, which means that it works like a magnet on negatively charged dust and dirt. Whereas a regular cleaning cloth quickly fills with soil and you end up pushing dirt and germs around. That’s not how it works with a superior microfibre cleaning product. Good quality microfibre cloth holds soil and dust in the microscopic open spaces of the fibres, removing the contaminants rather than spreading them.

Here’s how to clean with a dry microfibre cloth:

1. Use a circular motion when wiping surfaces. If you use colour coding make sure you use the right colour in the right area. Eg. Blue for general areas and red for bathroom areas.

2. When a section of the cloth becomes full of soil, fold and start using an unused section of the cloth. If you’re using a 40cm by 40cm cloth, you can fold the microfibre cloth in half twice. This gives you eight different cleaning sides from one cloth.

3. For a final wipe, fold or turn the microfibre cloth to an unused section. Have a few clean microfibre cloths handy so you can change when the cloth you are cleaning with becomes full.

4. Wash the cloth. Or give it a quick rinse to release soils, then the cloth can be used as a damp cloth, and there’s more about that below.

How to clean with a damp microfibre hand cloth

When cleaning greasy, sticky smudges or stains from a surface, you may be able to achieve faster results using a damp microfibre cloth. Wring out the cloth before use. There should be no dripping because the cloth needs to be able to absorb moisture, to get the job done. No chemicals are needed when cleaning with a damp microfibre cloth but you can use them if you want to.

It’s most common to see a damp microfibre cloth used in bathrooms and kitchens. The material is excellent for cleaning up messes and spills because it’s highly absorbent, holding up to 7 times its own weight in liquid.

1. Here’s how to clean with a damp microfibre cloth:

2. Dampen the cloth, careful to wring out excess liquid.

3. Use a circular motion to wipe the surface. If you use colour coding make sure you use the right colour in the right area. Eg. Blue for general areas and red for bathroom areas.

4. In the same way described above for use with a dry cloth, fold the cloth to use eight different sides.

5. Rinse the cloth and wring it out to remove soil then continue using the microfibre cloth.

6. Wash the cloth according to the laundering instructions and allow to air dry.

How do you know when to use a microfibre cloth dry or damp?

Microfibre cloths are best used dry for dusting and light to medium duty cleaning. For removal of dirt, grease, spots and soil in medium to heavy duty applications, using a damp microfibre cloth will in most cases work better. Whether dry or damp, microfibre cloth and mops will do a good job of cleaning.

Microfibre is proven to provide a superior cleaning result. It’s now the preferred choice of the professional cleaning industry. It’s now also commonplace and widely accepted as the way to clean in critical environments like hospitals and aged care centres. Microfibre is effective, safe for the user and good for the environment because it reduces water and chemical usage. If you’re not on the microfibre train yet it’s definitely worth giving it a try.

What’s your top tip for using a microfibre hand cloth? When do you use your microfibre cloths and mops damp and dry? We’d love to hear any feedback and thoughts about your experiences with microfibre cleaning. Maybe it’s something we can add to this page to give others a hand. Let us know.

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Happy microfibre cleaning!