By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire April 9th, 2017

Here’s How To Get Your Window Washing Detergent Right Before You Start Cleaning?

Cleaning a window without washing it first with a high-quality detergent is like a man shaving his face with just water. Using a professional window washing detergent, like Squeegee Wash, should be your first choice. It not only removes and suspends dirt, grime and grease but also enables the squeegee to glide across the glass. You don’t need much detergent so it’s a safe and cost effective choice.

The key is to not use too much detergent. You’re not washing the dishes or cleaning greasy pots and pans. One very small squirt in half a window cleaning bucket of water should do the trick. The solution should feel slightly slippery between your fingers. That’s when you know you’ve got the mix right. Always add water to your bucket first then add the detergent last.

You don’t want lots of foam and bubbles. Excessive foam is a sign that you might have used too much detergent or used the wrong type of detergent. Too much detergent can cause streaks, bleeding from the frames, and faster accumulation of dirt and grime on the glass surface. Windows stay cleaner for longer when the right amount of detergent is used.

A perfect window clean is not just about the detergent you use… of course! Your window washing and squeegeeing techniques are crucial to the final result but the detergent makes a great result possible.

Using the right window washing detergent at the right dilution has many benefits. Your window cleaning will be easier, faster and deliver better streak free results. Your clean windows will also stay cleaner for longer and that means happy customers.

Have you got any more ideas about using window washing detergents? Get in touch with your tips and experiences. We’re always looking for better ways to clean windows without streaks.

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Happy window washing!