By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire October 2th, 2016

Here’s How To Hold A Window Squeegee Like An Expert

Two of the biggest mistakes you can make when using a window squeegee is to hold the handle too tight and apply too much pressure onto the window with the tool. You may be experiencing streaking on the glass and if you’re like most people your instinct will be to try and push harder on the squeegee. This actually has the opposite result because when you push your squeegee to the glass you stop squeegeeing with the sharp edge of the rubber and start squeegeeing with the flat dull side of the squeegee rubber.

How to hold a window squeegee right

1. Hold the squeegee handle with the light pressure.
It’s very easy. The key is to relax and just let the window squeegee sit in your hand. Relax your wrist, arm, and shoulder too. Hold the squeegee just tight enough so that you have control of the tool.

2. Let the weight of the squeegee apply the pressure not your hand.
Placing the squeegee on the glass is all the pressure that you need. Being tight and tense will tire your hand out quickly and will cause you to apply excess pressure on the glass. Less pressure is better for your body and the glass.

If the squeegee requires more pressure to clean, then it’s time to replace its rubber. Most professional window cleaners change them daily or every 4-6 hours of continual use.

Handy hint

Gently grip the squeegee handle. Then try this for practice. Squeegee across the window using different amounts of pressure. First squeegee across a washed window with normal pressure, then squeegee with half pressure, then squeegee with half pressure again. Observe what works better. And remember to wipe the edges.

What happens when you don’t do it right?

If you hold a squeegee too tight and apply too much pressure to the window you can experience some of the following problems:

1. Muscle fatigue

2. Muscle tension and tightness

3. Streaky windows

4. Slower cleaning times

5. Rubbers won’t last as long

Less is sometimes more. Less pressure holding the window squeegee and less pressure applied to the glass will actually get you better cleaning results in a faster time without fatigue. It’s hard to believe, but give it a try and let us know how you go. We’d love to hear about your thoughts and experiences concerning squeegee technique. Have you got any tips to share?

If you have any questions for us about window cleaning technique or equipment we’re here to help. Give the XO2 team a call today on 1300 123 499, or visit the XO2 window cleaning squeegee online store page.

Happy window squeegeeing everybody!