By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire March 23th, 2017

Here’s How To Use A Large Window Squeegee On Glass

Large window squeegees can look intimidating but they are nothing to be afraid of. They may be twice the size, but they are not twice as hard to use. Plus, you can cut cleaning time by half when working on large windows.

A crucial difference between regular size (15cm - 45cm) and large size (45cm - 125cm) window squeegees is the amount of rubber which hangs out from the channel. Larger panels of glass have more undulations. The extra rubber will mould with the unevenness of the glass, preventing streaks from the squeegee.

With the additional rubber protruding from the squeegee channel, the base distance is a lot more flexible, which makes the large squeegee great for extension pole work too. It also makes cutting the edge a lot easier when compared to a cloth or rag.

Important tips

Remember, the same rules apply to larger squeegees as they do to regular size squeegees:

• Use minimum amount of water on the glass.

• Cut the edge to create a dry zone (always start the squeegee on a dry area of glass).

• Keep a consistent base angle or distance of squeegee handle to the glass.

• Don’t use too much pressure (less pressure is better).

• Dry the squeegee rubber with a toweling rag after each stroke.

• Don't try to clean exterior windows in direct sunlight because it is more difficult to get a professional result.

How to use a large window squeegee

Is it time to give one of these larger window cleaning squeegees a go? Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

1. After washing the window, ‘cut the edge’ all the way along the top and left hand side of the frame.

2. Place your squeegee on the dry part of the glass in the top left of the window frame.

3. With very little pressure, gently glide the squeegee all the way from the top left to the top right of the window, without stopping. Make sure the top edge of the squeegee is positioned slightly forward to help guide the moisture down the glass. When you get to the other side of the window, the top edge should touch the right hand side first. Remember to keep your 7cm base distance all the time.

4. When you reach the other side, pull the handle up slightly, bringing the squeegee rubber into the edge of the frame.

5. Remove the window squeegee from the glass, allow the moisture to drain from channel, and gently wipe the moisture from the squeegee rubber.

6. Now repeat the process overlapping each pass by 4cm-6cm.

7. Continue this procedure until finished. On your final stroke don’t overlap too far. Ensure that at least ¾ of your squeegee rubber is making contact with the wet part of the window.

8. If there is some moisture that remains on the sides or edges, give it a quick wipe with your lint free microfiber cloth before moving to the next window. Some rags and cloths are not suitable, so test a few out to find which one works best.

It’s worth the time to become good at using large window squeegees. The time and effort you’ll save can be huge. With practice, it’s very simple to learn and you’ll be cleaning windows twice as fast.

Have you used a larger window squeegee before? What’s was your experience? If you’ve got any tips to share or comments to make let us know.

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Happy window cleaning!