By : XO2® Pty Ltd, Chris Blamire August 2th, 2016

How Big Should An Entrance Floor Mat Be?

When it comes to entrance floor matting, size does matter. Quality is important, but it doesn’t help when a visitor’s feet touches the doormat only once. Most people don’t wipe their feet before entering a facility. They think about where they need to go and what they need to do; or just about avoiding a collision with someone else!

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right-sized entrance floor mat.

Consider the costs

The cost of removing 1kg of dirt from an office premise exceeds $1,000, or in the case of a hospital or critical hygiene environment, the cost can be much higher. Let’s say the cost to remove 1kg of dirt from your facility is $1000. Of that, approximately $50 is spent on supplies and equipment, and the rest of it ($950) is spent on labour and overheads. By using an effective entrance floor mat system you not only reduce your costs and labour requirements, which yields increased profits, but you are also improving appearance, boosting hygiene standards, and making your facility safer for anyone who visits the facility - staff, clients, guests, patients, visitors and students.

What size does

A 3.6m door mat prevents 60% of the dirt from entering the facility. If the mat is 5 to 6 metres, it collects 85%-90% of the dirt and moisture. The smaller mat allows each foot to make contact with it at least three times. The bigger mat absorbs at least five footsteps. By the time the average person has taken those steps, most of the dirt and moisture is off their shoes before they enter the premise.

Bottom line: The bigger the mat, the more effective it is

But what if your entrance doesn’t have space for a big mat? Don’t worry, just do the best you can with what is available. Even a good 1.8m x 1.2m entrance mat can save 2-4 times its cost in just one month. If a mat costs $200 – $300 and collects 1kg of dirt it will save you up to $1500 in cleaning costs and improve your building’s overall standard too.

Matting wells

Many buildings have matting wells. It is an area at the facility’s entrance where a floor mat is placed in a recessed space in the floor. The mat will then be level with the other floor surfaces around it.

What if the matting well cannot fit a big mat? You have two options.

1. The matting well can made bigger. This requires tiles or floor surfaces to be removed. This option can be messy and expensive.

2. The easiest way is to fill the mat well and place the big mat over it. A wooden board can be used as a filler.

Two kinds of mats

Custom size mats for matting wells look great, but they are more expensive due to the installation required. Edged entrance mats don’t need installation because they are placed on the floor and ready to be used immediately. Most buildings require a combination of the two for maximum protection against dirt, grime, and moisture.

At XO2, we manufacture both kinds of mats. If you’re looking for advice on the specific type and size of entrance floor matting that’s just right for your facility, give our team a call today on 1300 123 499, or visit the XO2 entrance floor matting online store.