By : XO2® Pty Ltd, Chris Blamire May 9th, 2016

If It's Not Touch Free Do A Bush Wee. And Don't Wash Your Hands... Sometimes!

Do you always wash your hands? The team at XO2 don’t. What!? The team at XO2, Australia’s leading supplier of cleaning and hygiene technology, don’t always wash their hands?

That’s right… there are times when we choose not to wash our hands after going to the toilet. And we’re not afraid to admit it. You see, many public washrooms are so unhygienic and unhealthy that you would be better taking your chances with what’s on your hands rather than touching the tap and soap dispenser. There’s also the risk of the hand dryer not working which means you have to wipe your hands on your pants. Not nice.

If it's not touch free do a bush wee

Touch points in public places are a huge risk and concern for personal health. That’s why we tell our kids, “if it’s not touch free, do a bush wee.” Basically that means when you go to a toilet in a public place don’t touch anything, in fact if it’s not touch free and hygienic find a tree and go there instead. It’s a matter of risk and reward. We know hand hygiene is important but if we have to risk our health by overexposing ourselves to high risk touch points perhaps it’s better not to wash.

More than 50% of Australians don’t wash their hands in public washrooms. It’s not because most people are dirty and selfish animals that have no regard for their community or personal hygiene and health. In most cases visitors are forced to make a decision. “Do I take a chance with what’s on my hands or touch the tap and soap dispenser to wash my hands.” If they choose not to wash because they don’t want to touch the tap and soap dispenser, that’s fair enough we reckon. Too risky in many washrooms.

The majority of washrooms in Australia are fairly ordinary when it comes to hygiene. Many people also avoid hand washing because they don’t want to dry their hands with automatic hand dryers which are often responsible for the spread of bacteria. They are also a common touch point for disease and bacteria. Hand dryers are a good example of a washroom cost reduction strategy that compromises hygiene instead of improving it and the user’s experience can in some instances become sub-standard. XO2 supplies hand dryers, we sell lots of them and they’re good ones too. Certain manufacturers might not like to hear it but even a good hand dryer is more about cutting hand towel costs rather than good hygiene. Otherwise they’d be allowed to be used in hospitals.

Yes, we should all wash hands regularly. Washing hands after going to the toilet is very important. But, facilities need to create amenities that make good hand washing and hygiene easy and safe to do. This effort to create great washrooms makes a facility better and gives staff, guests, students and visitors a healthier, happier and more impressive experience.

Touch free hand soap, taps, hand towel systems and air freshening is a must in the washroom of a modern 1st world facility who truly cares about it’s visitor’s health and hygiene.

And remember, if it’s not touch free, do a bush wee. ;)

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Have a great day.