By : XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire September 26th, 2016

When Your Entrance Floor Mat Stops 1kg Of Dirt At The Door You Just Saved $1500.

Great entrance floor mats make facilities money. This is a fact. The return on investment is astronomical, if you choose the right mat.

Every facility is different, but the average cost to remove 1kg of regular dirt and soil can be in excess of $1500; most of which can be attributed to labour costs. By stopping dirt and moisture at the door, you can achieve a higher standard of hygiene within your budget.

The first line of defence – Entrance Mats

Since the entrance is where all the dirt and debris pass through, it presents the most cost effective location for removing dirt from the premise. That’s why at XO2 we call your entrance floor mats the first line of defence. A good floor matting system reduces your direct costs, and there are more reasons to invest in floor matting. Here are a few…

1. Reduce floor stripping and sealing requirements in your facility.

2. Reduce the wear and tear of floors and extend the life of surfaces.

3. Reduced gloss reduction of floor sealers.

4. Better looking floors all day long.

5. Superior hygiene standards.

6. Reduced risk of slip, trip, and fall accidents.

7. Reduced cleaning and labour costs.

8. Better safety for the visitors.

For facilities where hygiene is critical, such as health care establishments, the cleaning costs can be as high as $1500 per 1kg of dirt and debris removed. Investing in a quality entrance floor matting program delivers bigger advantages, savings, profits and protection.

Not just any floor mat

Over 50% of a facility’s cleaning budget is usually spent on floor care. That’s where the big savings can be made with entrance floor mats. But will any floor mat do?

A good entrance floor mat will attract and hold dirt and moisture effectively for easy removal at a later time. They stop dust, debris, and grime at the door. This is the number one characteristic of a great floor mat. Other factors include:

● Ensure your mat is big enough. Bigger is better, providing the mat fits in the area.

● Get a mat that will last. Look for a well-made mat with quality materials.

● The mat surface should have a textured pattern that scrapes dirt effectively from visitor’s feet.

● Go for a mat that is edged on all 4 sides (unless it’s in a matting well) that will not lift on the edges and cause tripping.

● A great entrance floor mat will be easy to clean and maintain.

● You’ll want a mat that lays flat and doesn’t slip around or move when people walk on it.

● Make sure your matting will perform in wet conditions, especially rainy days. A great entrance mat will trap moisture.

If you’re looking for advice or help with entrance floor matting for your facility, give the XO2 team a call today on 1300 123 499, or visit the XO2 entrance floor mat online store.

Have a great day.