By : XO2® Pty Ltd, Chris Blamire July 24th, 2016

Why Backpack Vacs Outsell Upright And Bagless Vacuum Cleaners For Business Use

It is astonishing to see how many people are now choosing backpack vacuum cleaners. Homeowners, professional cleaners, hotels, pubs, restaurants, casinos, you name it, everyone seems to be hopping on board the backpack vacuum revolution. The backpack vacuum cleaner is fast becoming the number 1 choice for business facilities to maintain their carpet and hard floor indoor areas.

As technology has improved back pack vacuum cleaners are becoming lighter and more powerful. This has meant that more and more people are choosing them. In fact, my wife and I even bought one for my father-in-law for his home. And he absolutely loves it!

So what’s the big difference?

In a nutshell, you can do a better job over more area in less time. As they say, “time is money”, and that’s why the first group to really embrace the backpack vacuum cleaner was the professional and commercial markets. Wasted time and high labour costs are one of a business’s biggest enemies. When it comes to cleaning, poor choices in cleaning equipment and inefficient labour management can destroy profits.

According to the International Sanitary Suppliers Association (ISSA) ’612 Cleaning Times’ Guidelines, a properly trained backpack vac user can effectively vacuum over 700 square metres per hour without compromising quality. With a back pack vacuum cleaner you can simply walk through your work. Here’s a productivity comparison to illustrate this point…

• Canister (Pull Along) Vacuum Cleaner with a 30cm Carpet Tool: 100 square metres of vacuuming takes 24 minutes (average)

• Upright Vacuum Cleaner that is 30cm Wide: 100 square metres of vacuuming takes 26.80 minutes (average)

• Backpack Vacuum Cleaner with 30cm Carpet Tool: 100 square metres of vacuuming takes 8.25 minutes (average)

With a backpack vacuum you can keep your back straighter for longer. So even if the backpack wasn’t as fast as it is, you would still feel better and be less fatigued after vacuuming for the same time than you would with other types vacuum cleaners. Being almost 3 times faster is a huge bonus for users and facility managers.

If you haven’t considered a backpack vacuum cleaner before maybe it’s time to take a look. You might be surprised at the speed, power and comfort of the latest models in the marketplace. There are even battery models available now. Like with any type of cleaning equipment there’s good and there’s bad ones. Choose carefully, look for comfort, power and simplicity from a reputable company who is well known for excellence service and support of cleaning machines. Getting a machine that is lightweight, no more than 4.1kg is also key.

Have you got any more tips about backpack vacuum cleaners to add? Get in touch with your ideas and experiences. We’re always on the lookout for faster, better ways to clean carpets and hard floors.

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Happy vacuuming!