XO2® Bobby Dazzler - All Purpose Super Cleaner & Sanitiser

XO2® Bobby Dazzler - All Purpose Super Cleaner & Sanitiser

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    Training Info & How To Guide

    Learn where and how to safely use this product.

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    Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

    A detailed document that lists information relating to health and safety of this product.

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    Wall Chart

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    Lab Certificate

    Check out the lab test certificate showing Bobby's disinfecting efficacy at 17:1 dilution. Bobby is officially a Commercial Grade Disinfectant as per the TGA.

    I'm your super cleaner.

    XO2® Bobby Dazzler is 'Best In Class' for streak free all purpose cleaning and sanitising. It will impress you at every turn with high performance quick dry cleaning with built in disinfectant. To top it off, the space will be left smelling fresh and clean by one of the long lasting aromatherapy fragrances. It does it all whilst remaining safe and easy to use.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Bobby Dazzler can be used indoors and outdoors in multiple applications. Use it in a bottle, bucket or tank. It will clean tables, chairs, floors, walls, bathrooms, benches, windows, mirrors, shiny surfaces and more.


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centres.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics.

    • Shopping Centres, Retail Outlets, Homes.


    • Guest rooms, classrooms, offices.

    • Washrooms, toilets, urinals, bathrooms, change rooms, showers.

    • Foyers, receptions, lifts, stairwells, gyms, showrooms.

    • Function centres, restaurants, cafes, pubs, lunchrooms.


    Suitable on surfaces such as marble, natural stone, laminate, timber, vinyl, metal, glass, chrome, painted surfaces, mirrors, porcelain, enamel, stainless steel, epoxy/sealed surfaces, plastic, carpet and any other washable surfaces.

    How to use.

    All purpose cleaner (bottle use)

    1. Apply me directly onto a microfibre cloth, disposable wipe or the surface.

    2. Wipe surface in a circular motion.

    3. Turn the cloth or wipe to an unused section (or use a fresh one) for a final wipe.

    *Always use the appropriate XO2 labelled product bottle.

    Floor mopping (mop and bucket use)

    1. Erect safety signs and prepare your gear.

    2. Fill up your bucket to the fill line through dilution control system (or manually.)

    3. Immerse mop into the bucket. Soak. Then wring the mop out in a twisting motion.

    4. Replace your mop water regularly or as soon as it starts getting dirty.

    Showers, baths and bathroom surfaces (bottle use)

    1. Apply me directly onto a microfibre cloth, disposable wipe or the surface.

    2. Leave on the surface for 30-60 seconds. Agitate with a suitable scourer or brush for the surface.

    3. Wipe clean or rinse off with clean water.

    *When cleaning glass, squeegee or wipe dry after cleaning for the ultimate result.

    Handy hints

    • Use hot water. This will boost your cleaning performance (especially on oil, fat, grease) and speed up drying times.

    • When manually filling bottles, buckets or tanks, add the water first and chemical last. This prevents foaming, chemical splashes and spills.

    • For cleaning spaces where hygiene is important, use our disposable cleaning wipes instead of regular re-usable cloths.

    Learn more at the XO2® Blog...
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      Don't buy supermarket all purpose cleaners again!
      This product has replaced just about all my cleaning chemicals at home. It now cleans my kitchen, bathroom, floors and even mirrors like a champion. As it is a concentrate the 5 litres for me makes up around 25 litres of cleaner. Bobby dazzler can't be beat for effectiveness nor price compared to what you can buy at the supermarket.
      Reviewed by
      Mark Shelly

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