XO2® Double Whammy - Professional 2 Part Colour Stain Removal Kit For Carpet & Upholstery

XO2® Double Whammy - Professional 2 Part Colour Stain Removal Kit For Carpet & Upholstery

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  • 4 x 70m Rolls
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  • 1 x 70m Roll

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  • Let's double team.

    Double Whammy turns a good carpet cleaner into a great one. It gets the stains out that others leave behind. We call this process specialty stain removal, you can charge your clients extra for it or include it in your regular fee. Double Whammy is a powerful, 2 part stain removal system that removes what many describe as ‘impossible to remove’ stains like red cordial, cough mixture, wine, soft drink, vomit, berry, urine, some dyes and much more. This revolutionary system allows the controlled use of activated hydrogen peroxide which produces radical strength stain removal qualities that works quickly and easily.

    Where to use.

    Double Whammy is highly effective in the removal of stains on carpet upholstery and rugs that won’t move with any other stain remover. These stains include…

    Tea and tannin, Coffee, Fruit juice, Red drinks, Urine, Mustard, Berry, Red wine, Dyes, Soft drink, Medicines, Vomit, Cough syrup, Betadine, Powerade, Staminade, Gatorade, Curry, Coke and colas, Blood, Cordial, Soy sauce, Ribena, Mercurochrome, Pet stains, Jam, Sauce


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centres.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Retail Stores.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics.

    • Function Centres, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs.

    • Homes.


    Double Whammy is safe to use on all commercial or residential colourfast synthetic carpets including polyproylene, polyester and nylon. It should always be pretested on surfaces before use. Do not use on silk or fine fabrics.