XO2® Dry Crete - Waterless Concrete Cleaner

XO2® Dry Crete - Waterless Concrete Cleaner

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  • I work without water.

    XO2® Dry Crete is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to get rid of unsightly oil stains on concrete. It's a waterless concrete cleaner that uses bio-organics that breakdown hydrocarbon petroleum matter. The improvement is visible within 24-72 hours. This safe to use problem solver eliminates the need for expensive equipment, mess and shutdowns. It can be walked or driven on immediately after application.

    XO2® Dry Crete is a sub-surface cleaner with a specific gravity that delivers it deep into the pores of the concrete. XO2® Dry Crete eliminates the need for auto scrubbing, water blasting and water recovery equipment. It works with no harmful effects to plants, humans, animals, soil or your concrete.

    Because XO2® Dry Crete uses bio-organics it is accepted scientifically as a “time driven” process whereby significant improvement will be clearly visible within 24-72 hours.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Dry Crete contains environmentally friendly active bio-organics created to consume petroleum based stains such as oil, grease, petrol, kero, jet fuel, hydraulic fluid and diesel fuel, leaving a clean bright surface.


    • Petrol Stations, Car Parks, Garages, Factories, Airports.

    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centres.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics.

    • Shopping Centres, Retail Outlets, Drive Thru's, Homes.

     Environmental impact issues

    1 litre of oil can contaminate approximately 400,000 litres of drinking water. There are over 1 billion vehicles that leak petroleum based fluids into the environment each year. Each time it rains, hydrocarbon petroleum material is being washed off concrete surfaces as “run off” and finds it’s way into the natural environment.

    Until now, well intentioned manufacturers of commercial chemicals, solvents and degreasers have been designing products to emulsify and solubilize oil, grease and petrol. Unfortunately for the environment and our precious water reserves very large quantities of “rinsing water” is required for this type of cleaning solution.

    This process creates contaminated toxic wastewater that finds its way into the soil, stormwater drains, sewage systems, underground water sheds, dams, river systems and into much larger bodies of water where organic life is being negatively impacted. Strict environmental and water usage regulations now mean severe penalties and fines are being enforced. Property owners and managers are now being held responsible for their water usage and the disposal of contaminated wastewater resulting from their property maintenance.

    Image is everything…

    What does your concrete say about you?

    In today’s business world, many customers make purchasing decisions based on the physical appearance of the facility.

    Don’t lose business just because your competitor has maintained a more professional appearance. Maintaining a clean and well kept property is vital to attracting new customers, ensures you stand out from the crowd and delivers overall site appeal.

    Facts about concrete

    The pores in the concrete are roughly the same size as the pores of your skin. Water blasting and the use of degreasers only clean the surface, you can’t blast 3000psi of water pressure down into the pores of the concrete and expect to completely remove the oil. There are over 200,000 pores per square metre of concrete.

    The Solution

    XO2® Dry Crete Waterless Concrete Cleaner removes ugly petroleum stains from concrete without the use of water.

    • Dry Crete requires no water to clean. That means there is no waste water run off during cleaning.

    • Dry Crete uses nature’s own biochemistry to break down the hydrocarbon of the oil and turn it into CO².

    • Dry Crete is fast, safe, easy to use and effective while remaining friendly to humans, plants and animals

    • Dry Crete is a fine granulated natural sub surface cleaner, not a surface cleaner like liquid degreaser that only break apart the oil on the surface to enable the oil to be rinsed away with water into our water supplies.

    • Dry Crete is Green Approved for use.

    Waterless concrete cleaning

    Step 1. Concrete must be 100% dry, before application. Pour in a 5cm wide by 90cm long line. Always start in the centre of the stained area or drip zone. If the stained area has heavy oil build-up we recommend pre-treating the area with Too Easy to remove surface oil, allowing Dry Crete to penetrate the pores of the concrete more effectively.

    Step 2. Keeping the 90cm applicator flat on the ground, spread Dry Crete length wise down the centre of the stained area. Once you reach the end, circle around and continue spreading in a circular pattern.

    Step 3. Using a 90cm applicator now spread across or width-wise twice until the entire area is evenly covered. At this point, the oil stains should be turning white. When complete, simply sweep up excess Dry Crete if any is left.

    *Please note Dry Crete is not an absorption product or poultice. Excessive oil on the surface must be removed before treatment, you can do this dry by applying and using a wire brush. Sweep away and then begin application (step 1).


    Coverage for Dry Crete will vary according to the finish, texture and porosity of the concrete surface. Typically, 1kg of Dry Crete will cover approximately 40m² to 60m² of concrete that has been steel trowel finished.

    How does Dry Crete work?

    It works with the help of specific gravity to pull the cleaning agents down into the pores where the oil is trapped. Dry Crete then breaks down the hydrocarbon chain of petroleum based stains. Once applied, Dry Crete decomposes and dissolves the stain.

    How quickly does Dry Crete work?

    If applied correctly and the porosity of the surface allows Dry Crete in, you will see some immediate improvement to the concrete. Keep in mind it is a time driven process that should show improvement in 24-72 hours. Some heavier, older and deeper stains may take 2 or 3 applications.

    Will Dry Crete remove impossible oil stains every time?

    No. Dry Crete will work almost all of the time but some staining on particular surfaces is beyond any method of removal. In these cases, replacement or resurfacing of the surface will be required.

    What do you need for a Dry Crete application?

    1. Dry Crete

    2. Dry Crete Applicator Broom. This is a fine bristled flag tipped applicator for easy, accurate application.

    Handy Hints

    • Only apply to a dry surface.

    • The more porous the concrete is, the faster and more effective Dry Crete will be because it will have greater contact with the staining.

    • Dry Crete is made of all natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly so it will not damage painted lines, landscaping, metal surfaces or plants.

    How To. Training. Safety.



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