XO2® Fresh Air Automatic Air Freshener Starter Kit

XO2® Fresh Air Automatic Air Freshener Starter Kit

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  • 4 x 70m Rolls
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  • I'll make your air fresh.

    XO2® Fresh Air system neutralises odours and improves indoor air quality. It’s ozone friendly (no CFCs) and more than just an air freshener. It transforms indoor spaces with calming or invigorating scents that make people feel better about where they are.

    With XO2® Fresh Air you can put the power of fragrance to work in your business. The nose has an amazing memory and research shows that the scents around you can have a significant influence on your moods, emotions and overall well being. The XO2® Fresh Air Sanitiser System makes people feel better about being around your business and that's good for you! Fresh Air eliminates unfavourable odours fast while sanitising and subtly scenting indoor spaces. With carefully designed and tested scents to create your chosen mood or outcome, XO2® Fresh Air stands head and shoulders above its peers.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Fresh Air Sanitiser is a triple action air freshening and odour neutralising breakthrough with the added advantage of aroma marketing benefits. Fragrance has a powerful influence over our feelings, moods and behaviour. Proper selection of scents can achieve amazing results in a multitude of applications including…


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centres.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics.

    • Shopping Centres, Retail Outlets, Airports, Banks,Homes.


    • Guest rooms, classrooms, offices, waiting rooms.

    - Reduce anxiety and give a sense of calm.

    - More pleasant waiting.

    - Improve productivity, communication and decision making.

    - Reduce stress. Relax clients.

    - Increase attention, concentration and alertness.

    - Reduce absenteeism.

    • Washrooms, toilets, urinals, bathrooms, change rooms, showers.

    - Eliminate those yucky toilet and urinal smells.

    • Foyers, receptions, lifts, stair wells, gyms, fitness clubs, showrooms, shops, banks.

    - Increase perceived exclusivity and return frequency.

    - Improve brand image and recall.

    - Promote energy and motivation.

    - Improve sales. Longer time spent at facility.

    - Promote a sense of natural calm and relaxation.

    • Function centres, restaurants, cafes, pubs, lunch rooms.

    - Eliminate nasty smells.

    - Improve up-selling and sales

    - Ensure guest will want to stay longer or move out faster.

    • Rubbish rooms

    - Neutralise offensive odours

    - Fill garbage chutes with powerful odour neutralising fragrance

    • Theatres

    - Improve candy store sales and viewing experience.

    • Confined spaces and any other area where odour is a problem.

    The fragrances

    XO2® Fresh Air Sanitiser fragrances can be...

    Calming Scents...

    which includes scents that relax, calm, make peace and promote happiness...

    • XO2® airFRESH Leaves - A calming fragrance inspired by rustling leaves. Enjoy an atmosphere filled with the calming embrace of this wonderfully relaxing and romantic fragrance. Experience the healing properties this naturally soothing scent provides. Relax, lower your blood pressure, reduce stress and tension, calm the nervous system, rest a tired brain, promote sleep and give heartfelt feelings of peace and well-being.

    • XO2® airFRESH Flower - A calming hay harvest fragrance. Be warmly touched by the loving characteristics of this unique and exclusive bouquet. It's has been carefully designed to relax and de-stress, helping you to forget problems, reduce stress and say goodbye to anxiety while giving you a feeling of peace, strength and patience.

    • XO2® airFRESH Red - The calming fragrance of Autumn. Revisit the happiest times in your life with a magnificent scent that subtly lingers and lasts. You can't help but smile as this fragrance fills the room with a deep joy and peacefulness bringing back pleasant memories you may have forgotten.

    • XO2® airFRESH Green - The flowery fragrance of Spring. Leave the rat race behind with luxurious, sweet and intoxicating warmth. Experience peace, tranquillity and a sense of harmony within yourself and with the environment around you with some rejuvenating floral love that will uplift your spirit and nourish your soul.

    Energising Scents...

    which includes scents that invigorate, motivate, enthuse and uplift.

    • XO2® airFRESH Spice - A herb garden feel good fragrance. Revitalise and recharge your senses with an energy boost that will motivate and inspire you to great things. Enjoy focus and concentration for good decision making while replacing tiredness and confusion with excitement and positive action.

    • XO2® airFRESH zenGARDEN - A fragrance inspired by the zen garden for clarity, focus and sharpness of the mind. The blend includes Himalayan-cedar, bergamot citrus notes and rose.

    • XO2® airFRESH Yellow - The fruity fragrance of Summer with notes of lavender. Feel the fresh, crisp enthusiasm this exciting and delightful fragrance can bring to your small or large spaces. Experience an uplifting environment where motivation and activity can thrive with genuine happiness and efficiency.

    • XO2® airFRESH Blue - The refreshing fragrance of Winter. Be invigorated and motivated to enjoy the moment with clarity and clearness of mind. This fragrance inspires you to enjoy the fresh, brilliant beauty and brightness of every new day. Leave yesterday behind and embrace now with joy, energy, enthusiasm and positivity.

    What are some examples of using Fresh Air to achieve an outcome?

    • Airports... Leaves and Flowers are great for airports. They calm and enhance the mood of weary and/or excited travellers.

    • Banks... Leaves and Flowers are popular for banks to soothe tension and reduce line up rage and tension.

    • Casino... Flower and Yellow encourages clients to relax, be positive and stay longer in gaming areas.

    • Retail outlets and shopping centres... Spice and Yellow fragrances have been known to improve sales by extending customer time spent in store, increasing purchase readiness and impulsive shopping and create a fun, memorable experience.

    How to use.

    Automatic metered air freshener systems

    1. Open the front cover on the XO2® Fresh Air Dispenser and remove the empty refill.

    2. Grab your new refill. Remove the transport safety peg and install the refill into the XO2® Fresh Air dispenser. Make sure the atomiser nozzle is facing evenly forwards. Close cover. Done :)

    Hand held air freshener spray

    1. Always spray Fresh Air up and away from people and away from exhaust fans.

    2. Being highly concentrated do not overuse spray. Spray once and wait for one minute before assessing whether the space requires additional application.

    What's affects our scent experience?

    Today's research shows that people tend to have a positive reaction towards fragrances they like and they will tend to respond negatively to a scent they don't like. That's why choosing scents that are generally accepted across the majority of your customer base is very important. Remember these factors when selecting a scent for your business, application and client base...

    1. Gender

    Men and women tend to have different opinions when it comes to fragrances however women tend to be a lot fussier :)

    2. Culture

    Where you are from will affect what you like and don't like.

    3. Intensity of scent

    A scent with low intensity is usually preferable as it tends to be more subliminal. Scents applied with high intensity regardless of their approval rating will tend to be considered "over-powering" or "unhealthy" by some people.

    4. Smell matching

    Ensure your fragrance is compatible with what you do. For example, a coffee fragrance might not be suitable in a shop that specialises in selling tea and it may affect your sales.

    5. Client's personal history

    The same fragrance can evoke completely different feelings and emotions in different people because of their life experiences. Certain fragrances might bring back happy, secure and joyful memories.

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