XO2® Gee Wizz - Awesome Urinal Blocks Minus The Nasties

XO2® Gee Wizz - Awesome Urinal Blocks Minus The Nasties

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  • 4 x 70m Rolls
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  • 1 x 70m Roll

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  • Wow wee. This urinal smells great.

    XO2® Gee Wizz urinal blocks are safe for public areas, people and the environment. They contain no para-dichlorobenzene like most blocks which is a suspected cause of cancer. It's 3-way clean, sanitise and deodorise action provides a heavy duty cleaner to emulsify soilage and clean the pipes, a special proactive bacteria charge to kill bad bacteria and germs, and a long-term jellybean deodoriser which absorbs and neutralises bad odours, all while safeguarding the urinal against uric acid and scale build up.

    XO2® Gee Wizz blocks are grey water safe. They breakdown into nutrients that are safe for the garden. They are low in sodium, free of phosphate, and have a mild pH.

    Most urinal odours come from the drain so XO2® Gee Wizz is designed to keep the plumbing clean and clear, reduce blockages and leave the washroom with a fresh, clean ‘feel good’ aroma.

    A little more about the proactive bacteria technology used in XO2® Gee Wizz for you inquisitive ones… Probiotic species bacteria are microorganisms that have claimed health benefits when consumed and are commonly consumed as part of fermented foods with specially added active live cultures, such as in yoghurt or as dietary supplements. When added into the urinal block formulation, the bacteria digests uric salts and sludge, uric deposits build-ups, eliminating the source of unpleasant odours rather than just masking them. These new strains of bacteria colonise the urinal pipes and degrade the body solids, calcium and urine crystals, keeping the pipes clear and free of odours.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Gee Wizz blocks are safe for public areas and can be used in education, healthcare, facilities, hospitality and anywhere else you can find a urinal whether it be stainless, steel, porcelain or ceramic.


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Entertainment Buildings, Cinemas, Casinos, Theme Parks.

    • Universities, Colleges.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Mining Sites.


    • Washroom urinals.

    How to use.

    • Each block is individually wrapped in a water soluble film (it will dissolve in water quickly.) No need to unwrap unless you really want to.

    • Place 1 block in every single urinal or place a block every 50-60cm in multi-trough urinals. Place more blocks if necessary. Replace blocks when 80% used.

    Everything you need to know about urinals...

    Let's give you the rundown on what men get up to in the washroom and how these weird walls, troughs and bowls work and what you need to do to keep them clean and smelling great :)

    Urinals are a great solution for men's washrooms. Users can stand shoulder to shoulder, have a chat and do their business. This means no line ups! It is the reason why men get in and out of the washroom ten times as quick as women :) Urinals have no doors, no locks and no toilet paper (somewhat similar to a tree). The male remains standing, unzips and wee's into the urinal. Urinals are installed on the perimeter walls so that users have their backs to people passing by. The urinals are located just after the entrance and hand wash basins for easy access. Washrooms fitted with urinals always have normal toilets too which are located at the back because we know it takes more time to get the job done in them.

    There are two main types of urinal systems installed in men's washrooms...

    • Individual urinals: These are the most common and popular systems. They are white bowl made of vitreous china (same as a normal toilet bowl.) They are mounted to the wall and all the ugly plumbing stuff is hidden into the wall. Large numbers of them can be installed along a common water supply and drain which makes for great usage of space, reduced water usage and no line ups during busy times. A well designed washroom with individual urinals will generally have one or two of the urinals, typically at one end of a long row, mounted lower than the others. This is for the kids. Boys love them but always aspire to wee into the big boy ones one day :) A great design will also include small partitions between the urinals for privacy.

    • Stainless steel troughs: This is the old school system that extends down to floor level which allows anyone of any height to use it. These troughs can be used by a number of people simultaneously but there is no privacy, which for some men makes them feel insecure and that their space has been invaded. The troughs are very efficient due to a common water supply and drain which makes for great use of space and reduced water usage.

    Urinals are generally fitted with manual (button, lever, pull cord) or automatic (timer, door regulated, motion sensor) activated flush systems to flush away the wee. There are also waterless or flushless urinal systems fitted for locations subject to high level water restrictions. Either way, the urine does need to be flushed away on a regular basis to avoid buildup residue of uric acid which stinks and is unhygienic. If you have waterless urinals, the cleaner does need to do more servicing and you need to use suitable waterless system urinal blocks and cleaner treatment products to stay on top. There is no reason to select waterless systems unless you have water supply or restriction issues.

    The two biggest challenges associated with urinals are blockages from rubbish and bad smells from uric acid buildup. Eliminating blockages is impossible because humans litter (cigarette butts, chewy, rubbish.) However, there are great ways to filter out the rubbish before it obstructs the drain. The XO2® urinal screen products are designed for this.

    Dealing with uric acid and the associated odours is not a problem and totally within your control. This just comes down to regular maintenance and the use of the right chemical for the job along with the easy cleaning skills required.

    XO2® Urinal blocks, urinal cakes, urinal screens and treatment products are a great way to WOW your male washroom guests. The added benefit is that they are also designed to look after the urinals and the associated plumbing and surfaces. XO2® urinal cleaning products are safe for public areas and can be used in education, healthcare, facilities, hospitality and anywhere else you can find a urinal.  

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