XO2® Goop-o-matic 3000 - Grease, Oil & All Purpose Stain Remover

XO2® Goop-o-matic 3000 - Grease, Oil & All Purpose Stain Remover

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  • 3000 times better than not using it.

    Goop-o-matic 3000 is a high performance safety spotter designed to remove a broad range of stains on a multitude of surfaces. We set ourselves the challenge to create a spotter that could replace the usual solvent and alcohol based stain removers that are hectic to use and hard to ship and store due their DG (Dangerous Goods) classification. Goop-o-matic 3000 is intelligently formulated with a range of safe high performance ingredients that increase fibre and surface safety which in turn makes it safer and a pleasure to use. The spotter works fast on a multitude of stains including paint, oil, grease, gum, adhesive, wax, pen, tar, lipstick, crayon, ink, food oils and more. It is your ‘go to’ product when it comes to stain removal.

    Where to use.

    Goop-o-matic 3000 is suitable on all carpet types as well as being very popular on upholstery, curtains and in the laundry (as a prewash stain remover.) Goop-o-matic 3000 has also become popular amongst hard surface and stone professionals as it removes the same stains as it does on carpet with the added advantage of having great penetration, without damaging the surface.

    Goop-o-matic 3000 is most famous for its ability to remove stains such as…

    • Paint • Oil • Grease • Chewing gum • Adhesive • Lipstick • Crayon • Candle wax • Ink • Graffiti • Scuff / tyre marks • Shoe polish


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centres.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Retail Stores.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics.

    • Function Centres, Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs.

    • Homes.


    Suitable for use on almost all washable carpets, upholstery, curtains and hard surfaces. Do not use on plastic, painted, acrylic or other solvent sensitive surfaces without pre-testing. This product can permanently damage some carpet backings (especially bitumen backed carpets) and hard floor sealers and polymer coatings.

    How to use.

    Carpet and upholstery spotting (bottle use)

    1. Test on a small inconspicuous area first to ensure suitability of product on the surface.

    2. Remove (sponge or scrape) any debris or excess stain deposits. The longer stains are left, the harder they are to remove.

    3. Apply me via a cloth or by spray. Do not over-wet. Gently blot the stain. Never rub. Agitate gently. Stubborn stains may require further light agitation.

    4. For heavy stains and spots, leave for 2-5 minutes dwell time.

    5. Blot spot from the outside in. Use a disposable wipe, clean white towel or extract with a machine.

    6. Rinse and extract with a portable carpet cleaning machine using a pre-spray detergent. Plush (Carpet and upholstery rinse, softener & cleaner) should always be added to the solution tank water. If a machine is unavailable you can blot away with a damp clean white towel and then neutralise with Houdini stain remover or Aussie Encappa. Blot away again with another damp white towel to remove all chemical and stain residue.

    7. Allow to dry.

    8. Repeat or adjust process if necessary.

    Upholstery pre-treatment (bottle use)

    Finely mist onto heavily soiled areas of upholstery followed by your normal upholstery cleaning procedure.

    Laundry stain remover (bottle use)

    Pre-spray your grease and ink stains, cuffs and collars. Then wash your clothes as you normally would.

    Handy tips

    • Attend to spots and spills as soon as possible. Fresh spots are significantly easier to remove. Stains that are left too long can become permanent. Using the wrong product can also set the stain or permanently damage the fibre.

    • Do your stain removal working from the outside of larger stains to the inside. This prevents the stain from spreading.

    • Play it safe, especially when you use a product for the first time. Better to be safe than sorry. Some surfaces can be sensitive to moisture and particular chemical types.

    What do I do if a carpet stain reappears after successfully removing it?

    Reappearing stains are usually caused by chemical residue or excessive moisture being left deep in the fibre after cleaning and rinsing. As the fibre dries the staining from the backing and bottom of the fibre travels up. This can be resolved by using less stain remover, using less water, increasing the amount of moisture you extract, improving the drying process and conditions, using Plush rinse in your clean water tank and making sure you always extract after using a wet solvent spotter. If you have this problem we also recommend that after recleaning you use Browning & Watermark Remover by spraying it on, raking or brushing it in and leaving it to dry.

    Will Goop-o-matic remove every stain?

    There is not one product that removes all stains. This product is part of a complete professional stain removal system. It is important to familiarise yourself with the different products and how each of them work for the best result.

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