XO2® Luna 2.0 Hotel Bathroom Range.

Providing your guests with an 'At Home' experience

whilst reducing cost per room.

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Impress your guests.


   Contemporary design. Good looks.

   Reduced usage through smart proportioning.

   Extremely long lasting refills.

   Eliminate pilferage & theft.

   Less mess & less servicing.

   Easy mounting / Installation.

   Available in two decors. White or Steel.

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XO2® showerMAID Dispenser

Elegant and practical: the best mix for                   your hotel bathroom.

•  Simply chic: High quality contemporary design.

•  Reduces usage through smart proportioning.

•  Eliminates pilferage & theft.

•  No screws required.

•  Simple mounting.

•  Low maintenance. Super low servicing.

•  Easy one hand operation.

•  Drip free


XO2® showerMAID Refills

Luxury refill options to impress your guests.

•  Air tight refills. Prevents contamination.

•  Refill level indicator.

•  215ml refill size.

•  143 shots per refill.

The XO2® Body Care Guarantee:

All products are suitable for allergy sufferers, 100% vegan, free of parabens, mineral oil and silicones. All added perfumes are IFRA-tested, therefore free from allergenic perfumes. These refills are top notch.

Hair & Body Refills

Shampoo, Conditioner & All Over Body Wash.

XO2® Fresh: Classic and invigorating.

XO2® Asia: Soothing and relaxing.

Hand Soap Refills

XO2® Rose: Beautiful rose fragrance with a light smell of magnolia. Cleans and conditions your skin.

No more running around replacing tubes & bath soaps. No more wastage. 



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XO2® Branding Ring

Your hotel. Your mark.

Not just any hotel bathroom range. The XO2® Luna 2.0 branding ring allows you to integrate your logo onto the dispenser. It reinforces your brand and emphasizes the exclusivity of your experience.

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XO2® paperBOY  Dispenser

An important role in stylish the bathroom experience.

•  Small footprint. Large Capacity.

•  Never empty – The reserve roll can be fitted once three-quarters of the first role is used.

•  Minimal storage space required due to the fourfold quantity of toilet paper on the role.

•  User-friendly service. The inspection       window and the keyless mechanism turn           the handling and refilling into a breeze.

•  Available in two decors. White & steel.

•  Eliminate pilferage & theft.

•  Easy mounting.

•  Special breaking system eliminates wastage. 


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XO2® paperBOY Refills

2Ply or 3Ply super long rolls

•  Pure white paper. Soft, thick, luxurious.

•  Embossed and perforated sheets.

•  Super long sheet size: 10cm x 12cm

•  Less storage space required.

•  Environmentally friendly.

•  2Ply (950 sheets per roll)

•  3Ply (560 sheets per roll)


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XO2® wasteBOX Bin

Well thought out system in every detail.

•  Modern design and robust construction.

•  Stable step mechanism. Touch free.

•  6 litre capacity.

•  Puts a lid on unsightly waste.

•  Time advantage for the service staff in their daily routine. The removable inner bin can be emptied with a single hand movement.

•  Slip resistant rubber feet for stability.