XO2® Oxalic Acid 100% - 1001 Uses & Still Counting

XO2® Oxalic Acid 100% - 1001 Uses & Still Counting

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    Strong & 100% Pure

    Oxalic Acid... the real deal!

    It's a 100% super concentrated powder so you can safely dilute it to suit your cleaning task. It is a much safer option than most other acids used in cleaning including Hydrochloric and Hydrofluoric Acid. Read on to see how useful this product is.

    Where To Use

    Oxalic Acid is used by many different industries for many different applications.

    • Exterior timber deep cleaning and preparation.

    • Commercial laundries. Rust and mineral deposit remover on fabric.

    • Building and construction cleaning. Mineral staining, grout, mortar, bricks, tiles, pavers.

    • Professional carpet cleaning. Rust and mineral stain removal.

    • Rust, scale and watermark removal from baths, basins and other washroom surfaces.

    • Hardwood stain removal on concrete and carpet

    • Waterlines and deposits on boat hulls and marine applications

    How To Use

    There are so many ways to use XO2's Oxalic Acid... too many to list.

    For more info on some the most popular 'how to use' instructions check out the Training Info Guide. There is a link above on this page if you want to go there. And for even more ways to use this amazing product head to Google and start searching... there's so much there!