XO2® Pee On It - 60 Day Urinal Deodorising Screen

XO2® Pee On It - 60 Day Urinal Deodorising Screen

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  • 4 x 70m Rolls
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  • 1 x 70m Roll

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  • Wow wee. This urinal smells great.

    The XO2® Pee On It urinal screens are a breakthrough in for men’s urinals. These advanced technology screens are manufactured using a specially engineered copolymer that is impregnated with organic odour treatment and fragrance compounds that contain 71% more fragrance and weight than the original Aussie Pearl screens.

    XO2’s secret and famous fragrances are released gradually into the washroom over 45-60 days. The screen design incorporates 'anti-splash' knobs, which prevent splash back and cross contamination of urine to other areas outside the washroom. The knobs are 200% longer than the original Aussie Pearl screen. They optimise fragrance release too! The screens are extremely flexible and also cuttable to ensure they fit into any urinal system. The translucent design allows total viewing of the drain to ensure it remains free flowing.

    Available in a specially designed aromatherapy fragrance blend…

    Man-go Peepee: The fruity aromatic scent of juicy, fresh ripe mango's with a leafy undertone.

    The XO2® Pee On It screen reduces cleaning time, saves you money and keeps your washrooms looking and smelling great!

    Where to use.

    XO2® Pee On It Screens are safe for public areas and can be used in education, healthcare, facilities, hospitality and anywhere else you can find a urinal.


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Entertainment Buildings, Cinemas, Casinos, Theme Parks.

    • Universities, Colleges.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Mining Sites.


    • Washroom urinals.

    How to use.

    Open packet. Place 1 screen in each single urinal or every 1m in multi-user stainless steel urinal walls. Replace screens every 45-60 days. Screens are cuttable if you have a non-standard size trough.

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