XO2® Phos Power - Acidic Super Cleaner Concentrate

XO2® Phos Power - Acidic Super Cleaner Concentrate

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  • 4 x 70m Rolls
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  • 1 x 70m Roll

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    XO2® Phos Power is a high-tech water based cleaner formulated to effectively remove rust marks, water scale, oxidation, soap and body fats, fresh concrete, render, grout, plaster and most stubborn stains and residues. It’s also cleans and brightens aluminium and alloys.

    XO2® Phos Power, unlike traditional hydrochloric acid cleaners which cause corrosion, will act as a corrosion inhibitor and rust converter, which eliminates damaging rust and metal fatigue. It’s effective on scale and rust deposits on toilet bowls, urinals, shower and bathroom areas, painted surfaces. And ideal for cleaning boats, fibreglass, metal surfaces, concrete, bull bars, aluminium trays, tiles, aluminium, concrete mixers and much more.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Phos Power can be used indoors and outdoors in a multiple of applications including...


    • Hotels, Casinos, Resorts, Apartments, Motels, Holiday Parks.

    • Schools, Universities, Colleges, Child Care Centre's.

    • Workplaces, Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Manufacturing Plants, Mining, Industry.

    • Hospitals, Aged Care Centres, Medical Clinics.

    • Homes.


    • Building sites.

    • Floors, tiles, benches, walls and ceilings.

    • Bathrooms, toilets, showers, baths and pool edges.


    XO2® Phos Power is loved by the mining, industrial, construction, tiling and professional cleaning industries because it can be used on many different surfaces including:

    • Ceramic and quarry tiles

    • Concrete (not polished concrete)

    • Sandstone (unsealed)

    • Terracotta (unsealed)

    • Pavers (unsealed)

    • Fibreglass

    • Toilet bowls and urinals

    • Mag Wheels

    • Pebblecrete

    • Metal Surfaces

    • Grout lines

    • Glass

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