XO2® Prime Mover - Truck, Bus & Boat Wash

XO2® Prime Mover - Truck, Bus & Boat Wash

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    XO2® Prime Mover is a fast working, environmentally friendly truck, bus and boat wash that easily removes stubborn grease and built up road grime with little manual effort. It’s safe on all types of body paintwork and metal surfaces including aluminium. Prime Mover is also sensational for cleaning windscreens, fibreglass, tarpaulins, vinyl, rubber, chrome and nearly all other washable surfaces.

    Where to use.

    XO2® Prime Mover is most popular for trucks, boats, semi-trailers, buses and heavy machinery.


    This product is biodegradable and has been formulated with your safety and the environment in mind. Please note that it is however an offence in many areas to allow any detergent run-off to enter a stormwater drain regardless of the environmental benefits of a product.

    How to use.

    Vehicle washing

    Apply via a sponge/brush or a detergent dispensing pressure washer at the recommended dilution. A rich lather will cling to the surface and begin working immediately. Allow the detergent some time to work then agitate further with a sponge or brush if required. Then completely rinse off with clean water. Dry surfaces with a chamois or dry cloth if required. 

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