We are manufacturers and direct suppliers of performance cleaning products for professionals and facilities.

XO2 is about you... helping you clean better since 1968 and loving every minute of it!

XO2 is an Aussie family-owned cleaning and hygiene product manufacturing company. We've been around since 1968, helping people just like you make the places where we all work, stay, learn and heal... cleaner, safer and healthier.

XO2 is where Australia's favourite cleaning chemicals, cleaning supplies, and washroom products come from. And they're made specifically for facilities, businesses, and professional cleaners.

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Where does XO2 shine?

XO2 is on a mission to empower our clients with facility cleaning, hygiene and washroom products that create inspiring and healthy places where people work, stay, learn and heal. Click on the category that applies to you for more information.

Enjoy our fast, free and reliable delivery service to businesses on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Australia-wide.

Helping Australian businesses clean better.

XO2 helps make the places where people work, stay, learn and heal awesome!

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Manufacturing cleaning chemicals, infection control and hand hygiene products for Australia, in Australia.

We design and manufacture professional cleaning chemicals, infection control and hygiene products at our Australian headquarters located on the Gold Coast. Some of our specialties include hand soaps, hand sanitisers, surface disinfectants, disinfectant wipes, touch-free dispensing solutions, odour control, eco-friendly cleaning products, probiotic cleaners and specialty cleaning chemicals.

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