Helping You Clean Better Since 1968...

and loving every minute of it!

XO2's Chris and Dave Blamire smiling and sitting high up on a box mountain of facial tissue

Who is XO2?

XO2® is an Aussie family owned company. We've been round since 1968, helping people just like you make the places where we all work, stay, learn and heal... cleaner, safer and healthier.

XO2® is where Australia's favourite cleaning supplies, chemicals and washroom products come from. And they're made specifically for facilities, businesses and professional cleaners.

We design, manufacture and deliver infection control and hygiene products. Some of our specialties include hand soaps, hand sanitisers, surface disinfectants, wipes, touch free dispensing solutions and much more.

To help you clean better, our blog, how to videos, training guides, wall charts, training courses and specialist consultants are ready to assist. It's the service, care and curiosity that sets XO2 apart. We aren't just a box mover or product catalogue. We are real people and we are passionate about cleaning. We help you solve your greatest cleaning and hygiene challenges.

What does XO2 mean? How do you say it?

The X and O represents the feeling (XXOO) we want people to have when they partner with us and experience our products and service. The 2 represents the science of our approach and the partnership we hold with our clients. XO2 is pronounced "ex oh two".


                                                    XO2's whiteboard with 4 sections. Happy visitors arrow up, health and hygiene arrow up, cost down, sickness and disease down

                                                    Where XO2® shines.

                                                    Focused on 4 industries.

                                                    XO2 is on a mission to empower our clients with facility cleaning and washroom products that create inspiring and healthy places where people work, stay, learn and heal.

                                                    •  Facilities

                                                    •  Hospitality

                                                    •  Education

                                                    •  Healthcare

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                                                    Your cleaning and washroom supply partner.

                                                    Not just products. A better way and a strong partner to support you.

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                                                    How XO2® works?

                                                    Here's the XO2® process for delivering you results.
                                                    1. Discover

                                                    Analyse. Explore. Find. Opportunity.

                                                    Site surveys
                                                    Analyse efficiency
                                                    Areas of improvement
                                                    Needs and challenges
                                                    Explore cost savings
                                                    2. Solve

                                                    Advice. Install. Train. Comply.

                                                    Solutions and systems
                                                    Training plan
                                                    Spend management
                                                    3. Implement

                                                    Deliver. Service. Integrate. Educate.

                                                    Delivery and logistics
                                                    Ordering and inventory
                                                    Product education
                                                    4. Improve

                                                    Refine. Adjust. Optimise. KPIs.

                                                    Continual improvement
                                                    Regular reviews
                                                    Program refinement
                                                    Key performance indicators

                                                    Amazing user experiences, healthy facilities, at a lower cost.

                                                    That's XO2's promise to you.

                                                    Four of XO2's warehouse team jump in the air for joy at the end of one of the cleaning chemical aisles
                                                    Better Business

                                                    Lower costs. Boost productivity. Simpler systems. Less risk.

                                                    Safer Practices

                                                    Safer workplaces. Hassle free compliance. Effective training.

                                                    Happier People

                                                    Impress visitors and guests. Look after operational staff. Keep them smiling.

                                                    Healthier Places

                                                    Hygiene that boosts productivity and profits. Healthy people and buildings.

                                                    Thanks for popping by. 

                                                    If you'd like to learn more, get in touch with the XO2® team or click below on what interests you.

                                                    XO2's Aimee Blamire serving customers on the phone in the Gold Coast showroom


                                                    Access a huge range of cleaning and hygiene supplies with massive stock holdings to back it up!


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                                                    Like getting delivery fast and free? That's what our mission is to do for you.


                                                    XO2's Chris and David Blamire thinking up high on boxes of toilet paper


                                                    Everything we know we give to you. Learn more about cleaning and the business of making facilities better.


                                                    Looking over the shoulder of XO2's Bronte Smith, as he writes notes at the head office boardroom table


                                                    Learn more, earn more. Get free training, how to's and resources on all things cleaning.

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                                                    Map Data Imagery ©2020 , CNES / Airbus, Fugro, Landsat / Copernicus, Maxar Technologies
                                                    Imagery ©2020 , CNES / Airbus, Fugro, Landsat / Copernicus, Maxar Technologies

                                                    VISIT XO2 TODAY: XO2's Australian head office is located 2 minutes from the M1 at 42 Junction Road, Burleigh Heads, Queensland.