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Does the cleanliness and odour of your bathrooms say good things about your facility or business?

XO2 is an environmentally-friendly manufacturer of the best bathroom cleaning and maintenance chemicals you've ever seen. We make a variety of high quality products that include all purpose cleaners, shower, bathtub & spa cleaners, sanitary hygiene bin chemicals, urinal cleaners, odour removers and toilet bowl & seat cleaners. The range is designed for professional users and facilities to experience the best safety, speed, economy and quality of clean every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bravo is the best eco-friendly professional shower and bathroom cleaner in Australia. It's all-purpose, super concentrated, bleach-free, septic-safe, 100% biodegradable and quickly removes soap scum, body fat, mould and mineral residues from a variety of surfaces. Bravo is even safe on polished marble and sensitive surfaces.

Some like bleach, some don't. Bravo is for those who don't like having to use dangerous bleach products. The surface modification technology in Bravo leaves surfaces shiny clean and water just glides off. Bravo also removes mould and is effective on water scale, lime and mineral deposits. It's ideal for shower screens, showers, basins, baths, ceramic tiles, floors, urinals and toilets.

With Bravo there's very little scrubbing and manual effort is required. Bravo is 3 products in 1... it cleans, sanitises and deodorises the whole washroom not just the toilet. It's no wonder Bravo is the professionals choice in Australia.

The top 10 things a professional needs to clean bathrooms in Australia.

1. Bravo (Eco Friendly Professional Shower & Bathroom Cleaner)

2. Fast & Gentle (Cream Cleanser)

3. Wonder Gel or iDestroy (Mould Killer)

4. Wow Fast Dry (Glass & Mirror Cleaner)

5. Microfibre cloths

6. Scourers

7. Toilet brush

8. Mop

9. Glass squeegee

10. Vacuum cleaner

All Bathroom Cleaners

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