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Good for the bottom line... lol (joke).

Re-stock your smart washroom and toilet cubicles with XO2's premium toilet papers and never run out of toilet rolls again. Shop for interleaved toilet tissue, jumbo toilet paper rolls and also 1ply, 2ply and 3ply toilet paper rolls that are an economical choice for every high-traffic washroom facility. Whether you run a restaurant, office, school or hotel, we have the toilet paper and dispenser to suit your needs!

Why is high-quality toilet paper good for business?

When the toilet paper is good, your guests will use less and love you for it. Good quality toilet paper has strength, excellent absorbency, softness and provides maximum comfort for your guests, visitors or employees. Better quality toilet paper and smarter dispensing systems also reduces usage... sometimes drastically! That's good for business.




All Toilet Paper & Dispensers

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