Looking for a mop to clean hard floor surfaces?

If so, you're in the right place. XO2's floor mops are made just for facilities and professionals. Explore the hard floor mop range including microfibre flat mops, wringer mops, dust mops and more. Clean dry, damp or wet, it's your choice.

Tired of mopping the same old way? 

XO2 is here to save the day. With a variety of mops to choose from, XO2 has the perfect mop for any hard floor surface. Traditional or new technology, XO2 mops are made for professionals and facilities. Use our innovative mopping products to clean your floors better, faster and easier than before. Choose from convenient spray mops, microfibre mops, wringer mops, flat mops, disposable mops, squeeze mops and more. Whether your floor is shiny ceramic tiles, polished concrete, vinyl or marble you'll find a mop here for a brilliant clean. Don't just push dirt around - remove it with XO2.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The 6 most common mops for floor cleaning are microfibre flat mops, wringer mops (including spin mops), squeeze mops, dust mops (dry), disposable mops and steam mops.

The most common mop used by professionals indoors is a microfibre flat mop. For outdoor areas and rougher surfaces, a winger mop is most popular.

For large areas, professionals will often use a walk behind or ride on automatic floor scrubber instead of a mop. This type of cleaning machine speeds up cleaning and delivers a high quality of clean because it puts down the solution, scrubs the floor and sucks up the liquid drying the floor in one pass.

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