Decontamination & Antimicrobial Treatments

A clean you can trust. XO2's decontamination treatments destroy the nastiest problems a professional cleaners can face. 

The most common cause of serious and unsafe contamination is flooding, broken or burst pipes and trauma events including blood and bodily fluids. XO2's hospital grade formula is fast acting and designed for simple 'apply and leave' treatment of surfaces. It cleans, eliminates odours and most of all... it kills the nasties with advanced antimicrobial technology. 

Our products are widely used in the cleaning and restoration industry for removing odours, bacteria, micro-organisms, viruses, moulds, yeasts and spores caused by flooding, smoke, sewerage, pets, blood, bodily fluids or organic waste. Yes, you can even use them on carpet and soft surfaces too.

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A decontamination treatment can be applied via bottle, bucket, fogger, peripheral spray device or injection syringes before, after or, before and after thorough cleaning.

1. Apply directly to the surfaces at the source of the odour or contamination.
2. Agitate with a suitable brush, mop, cloth or disposable wipe to ensure the surface is covered.
3. Allow the product to dwell on the surface. Leave, do not rinse off.

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