Healthcare Cleaning, Hygiene And Washroom Solutions.

Helping healthcare workers to do their job well.

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Your patients rely on you to get healthier.

XO2 helps make that happen.

XO2 supplies cleaning, hygiene and washroom products that not only care for and protect people, they improve the systems and profitability of the places people go to get better. We specialise in working with...

• Hospitals

• Aged care centres

• Medical centres

• Rehabilitation centres

• Long term care centres

Fight germs with cleaner spaces.

XO2 helps make the places where people work, stay, learn and heal awesome.


Healthcare Spaces, Products and Solutions.

Patient rooms, wards and nurse's stations

Hand soap and hand hygiene

Housekeeping cleaning chemical systems

• Cleaning trolleys and carts

Microfibre cloths and mops

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

• Guest amenities and refreshments

Carpet care systems

Tile and hard floor care systems

• Safety, gloves and PPE supplies

Vacuum cleaners

Public washrooms

Cleaning chemicals systems

Hand soap and hand hygiene

• Toilet paper and dispensers

• Paper hand towel and dispensers

• Odour control

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

Sanitary bin systems

• Baby change tables and nappies

• Touch free technology

Accident and emergency

Hand soap and hand hygiene

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

• Safety, gloves and PPE supplies


• Food safe cleaning chemical systems

• Customised warewashing systems

Hand soap and hand hygiene

• Gloves and disposables

• Food service supplies

• Safety and PPE supplies 


• Laundry chemicals systems

• Laundry carts and trolleys

• Safety, gloves and PPE supplies

Maintenance department

• Waste management

Cleaning chemical systems

• Industrial hand cleaners

Window cleaning equipment

Cleaning tools

Cleaning machines

• Machine parts and accessories

A toilet roll holder with a half used roll of toilet paper, on a wall with bright green tiles

Jeff's Story.

Jeff is the Environment Services Manager of a large hospital in one of Australia's biggest capital cities. He was responsible for the role cleaning played in the hygiene and infection control of the hospital. He worked with a large number of suppliers to keep his department running. Jeff had the usual issues of slow delivery, backorders and mistakes but he was super organised and most of the time things ran fairly smoothly.

Lots of cleaning supply companies wanted Jeff as a customer. He purchased a lot of product! But Jeff became very tired of salespeople wasting his time. They wanted to sell him products without really understanding his issues around time, labour costs and budget restrictions. His biggest budget issue was his people and the associated labour costs. Saving 5% on toilet paper might be great but one time he changed it actually cost more. His staff started taking 2 minutes to change a roll instead of 1 minute due to the start of the roll having too much glue. There's a lot of rolls to change at the hospital.

Jeff and XO2 started working together. He felt like he had finally found a partner in hygiene he could trust. A company that would help keep him on the cutting edge of hygiene that understood the business case and labour consequences of change in the cleaning department. Now Jeff gets more done with his budget than ever before. Complaints are much lower and his bosses rate him as one of their best managers.