Thieves STEAL XO2's 5 in1 Musk Disinfectant Cleaner!!

11 October, 2023 by
Thieves STEAL XO2's 5 in1 Musk Disinfectant Cleaner!!
XO2® Pty Ltd, David Blamire

XO2's 5 in 1 musk scented disinfectant cleaner is SO good even the 'porch pirates' (thieves who steal deliveries from your doorstep before you can pick them up) can't resist. It's brilliant for mopping floors and wiping surfaces in homes and businesses. Best of all it's commercial grade and super concentrated so it really works and goes a long, long, long way...

Almost as long as the list of felonies this sneaky fella probably has.

And yep, it actually smells like those musk lollies from your childhood. Hey, if musk isn't your thing, you can also choose Jellybean, Lemon Grass, Apple, Eucalyptus, Pine and Red Roses.

Ready to order? Here's where to go...

If you're wondering... this thieving fella made a CLEAN getaway. If you recognise him let us know and we'll pass on the details to the cops in that area. Oh, and don't worry about our lovely XO2 customer, we replaced her order at no charge and a smile back on her dial! :)

*This video is used with the full permission of the customer whose goods were stolen from. 
The thief was unavailable for comment.

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