Drain Cleaners & Odour Eliminators

Whether you want to clean and maintain your drains or solve a drain related odour problem (stink!) you're in the right place. XO2® drain and trap maintenance products contain a breakthrough formula comprising of core pro-active bacteria and enzyme derived chemistry (we sometimes call these products 'digesters'). They're a fast acting and safe treatment that breaks down and digests the problem which is causing the blockage and/or nasty odour from oils, greases, fats, scum, soap build ups, complex proteins or organic solids. Our septic-safe, easy-to-use ‘squirt and leave’ formulas have high surface penetration and super wetting technology. Just get it on the problem area (eg. clogged stinky drains, grease traps and septic systems) and it will do the rest. We'll dispatch your order same day and deliver anywhere in Australia.


21.95 21.945000000000004 AUD

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