Need to remove / strip off sealers, coatings or polish build up from a hard floor surface? XO2's got you covered. 

• For water-based floor coatings (often a white liquid in the bottle like Blockbuster & Tough Shield) which are mostly found indoors go for Naughty & Nice floor stripper. 
• For most solvent based coatings (often clear in the bottle) and some paints use Hitman. 
• For cutting back, that is just taking away the top part of the coating, scrub the floor with Too Easy before neutralising and recoating. 
• For neutralising after all the floor stripper and coatings are removed use Bobby Dazzler. 

Not all floor sealers and coatings can be chemically stripped so test first. Epoxy coatings for example may need to be removed with a floor grinder. Also, some floors like old school linoleum floors (not vinyl) can actually be damaged by floor strippers. If you're not familiar with the surface, learn more and always test first!

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