Rinses For Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

The same thing your conditioner does for your hair, XO2's carpet and upholstery rinses will do for your fibres. That means softer fibres, better looking carpets, faster drying, no residues and fibres stay cleaner longer. Our exclusive high tech rinsing formula is combined with a powerful cleaning action. That means you can use it in your portable carpet machine's solution tank or through truck mounted carpet cleaning equipment as part of the pre-spray method or use it by itself in the tank for low to medium soiled fibres. 

XO2's rinses are wool friendly and ideal for use on heavily soiled wool carpets and other delicate fibres where alkaline detergents are not recommended. They will also stabilise colours and to top things off contain XO2’s breakthrough odour control treatment… SmellTec. If you are wanting to give your customers the 5 star treatment, try an XO2® rinse on your carpet, upholstery or rugs and see the difference.

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