Spray Triggers & Foam Triggers

Let's get trigger happy!

XO2's foam and spray triggers make applying cleaning solutions to a surface easy, safe and economical. We have colour coded spray triggers, heavy duty black spray triggers, foaming triggers and guns, mist sprayers and electrostatic handheld sprayers available. Spray triggers have an adjustable nozzle so you can set it to closed to a fine mist through to a direct jet. The foaming triggers are wonderful if you want the cleaning solution to linger or hang on the surface (like bathroom cleaning) or if you are in a confined space and don't want a fine mist. If you need empty refill bottles for your foam or spray triggers, squirt caps or screw on lids please click on the link below.

Looking for empty bottles, caps and lids? Click here

Our high quality colour coded spray triggers are available in Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White. They are all the same trigger just different colours. You can colour code to an area (eg. blue for general areas, red for bathrooms, green for kitchens) or you could colour code your chemicals (use the yellow trigger with the yellow liquid). Our black triggers are a different trigger. They're more suitable and will last a little longer when used with harsher chemicals like alcohol and solvents. All our triggers are a consumable item and they will wear out. We only buy the best in the world but you should always expect limited life when using spray triggers professionally. That's why it's a good idea to have a stock of spares ready to go.

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