Good for the bottom line!

Toilet paper... it's one of those things you never want to run out of. Welcome to XO2's range of toilet paper rolls made for business. Choose from toilet paper rolls that are 1ply, 2ply or 3ply, virgin or recycled, scented or unscented, individually wrapped or 4 pack poly wrapped, 250, 400, 700, 950 or 1000 sheets. There's toilet rolls here for every school, office, aged care centre, shopping centre, theme park, restaurant and commercial facility in Australia. We call it 'The Great Wall Of Toilet Paper'. XO2 stocks heaps and you'll get toilet paper that is premium quality, has superior environmental benefits, excellent softness, strength and absorbency. Ahhh, nothing beats a good sheet! We dispatch online orders same day and deliver Australia wide.

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